CY Leung Town Hall Meeting: Leung’s Supporters are Triads

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13th August 2013

CY Leung Town Hall Meeting: Leung’s Supporters are Triads

特首落區 黑色梁粉大起底

CY Leung went to Tin Shui Wai on 11th August for a Town Hall meeting which ended up a violent event where thugs-like Leung’s supporters beat up protesters. These thug-like supporters of Leung are from various triad groups. According to source, Leung Che-cheung, Chairman of New Territories Association of Societies, who hosted the Town Hall meeting on the day called in supporters a couple of days prior to the meeting to “support Leung”. Tang Sui-man, representative of the villagers from Wang Toi Shan Ho Lik Pui Tsuen (also known as “Four Eyes Man”), Tsang Shu-wo, Chairman of Ping Shan Heung Rural Committee (also known as “Tall Man Wo”) and a number of powerful triad related individuals were called into action. People from five public housing estates in North Tin Shui Wai went to “show their support” and beat people up in front of the police.

Leung Che-cheung, Chairman of New Territories Association of Societies, was the MC at the Town Hall meeting and organised the “supporters with background” to gather outside the Town Hall

A large number of thug-like individual gathered out the Town Hall venue in Tin Shui Wai on 11th August, all of them were wearing surgical masks. Tattooed young men continuously provoked and attacked in protesters who demand CY Leung to step down in front of the police. These thug-like individuals were from the triad groups at five villages in Yuen Long, including Wang Chau, Lau Fau Shan, Ping Shan and Tin Shui Wai North. Sources revealed that Leung Che-cheung, who is also a lawmaker, is the key person behind contacting the triad heads.


Two days prior to CY Leung’s Town Hall, Leung Che-cheung invited a group of triad friends of his to join a dinner party with his political allies. Tan Ho-nin (Chairman of Kam Tin Rural Committee), Tsang Shu-wo (Chairman of Ping Shan Heung Rural Committee), Chan Ka-fai (a trusted ally of Leung Che-cheung) and Tang Sui-man (a powerful triad) were the few attended the dinner. Leung Che-cheung asked these individuals to bring their followers to support CY Leung during the Town Hall event.

Tsang Shu-wo and Tang Sui-man mobilised five public housing estates in North Tin Shui Wai, namely Tin Chak Estate, Tin yan Estate, Tin Yuet Estate, Tin Shui Estate and Tin Heng Estate, to “show support” on the day. Some of the thugs who repeatedly attacked members of League of Social Democrats during the day were part of this gang. Tsang Shu-wo, who was wearing a straw hat that day, led a group of mid-age thugs and surgical mask thugs to attack protesters. When a protester called for help when being attacked, Tsang Shu-wo ordered (which was recorded on video and published on Youtube) “do not hit him in front of the police, wait and only hit him when he goes to the  main road (away from the police).”

Tsang Shu-wo has been seen at pro-CY Leung gatherings before. He does not only maintain a good relationship with Leung Che-cheung, but also brought he followers to support CY Leung after he was appointed as the Chief Executive. Tang Sui-man, who brought a group of white t-shirt young men to the Town Hall, has been running a real estate business. His gang quarreled with the protesters soon after they arrived, but Tang only stayed behind the scene. The five public housing estates in North Tin Shui Wai mentioned above have long been Tang Sui-man’s territory. Tang is the head follower of Four-Eye Sai, Tiger of Yuen Long. During a police raid in 2003, Tang Sui-man was arrested.

Tang Sui-man, aboriginal villager from Wang Toi Shan in Yuen Long, is an Ordinary Executive Councillor at Heung Yee Kuk and representative of villagers from Wang Toi Shan Ho Lik Pui Tsuen. He operates a real estate business and owns around 20 companies at present. It is estimated that he owns around 6,000 sq. ft. land in Wang Toi Shan. His real estate company Mega Property opened in May, Heung Yee Kuk, Yuen Long District Council, and high profile triads (including Cheung Chuen-hon) sent over 30 massive grand opening flower boards to congratulate him. According to source, Tang Sui-man went to the same primary school as Leung Che-cheung.

Chan Ka-fai, a well trusted friend of Leung Che-cheung, led a team of people to support CY Leung and claimed to be there to maintain order. He and his followers also engaged in a number quarrels with the protesters. Netizens found out, shortly after the first round of news reports, that Chan Ka-fai is the owner of Mei Dao Restaurant. Chan Ka-fai and Leung Che-cheung are very close friends, Chan’s Chan Ka-fai Dragon & Lion Dance Association is the only lion and dragon dance team that DAB (pro-Peking and pro-communist) in Yuen Long uses. 

Tsang Shu-wo (wearing hat) is the Chairman of Ping Shan Rural Committee, called people from five public housing estates in North Tin Shui Wai to support CY Leung

Outside the Town Hall meeting, a large group of surgical masks and thud-like teens repeatedly quarrelled with anti-CY Leung protesters

Since Leung Che-cheung became the Chairman of the Yuen Long District Council, Chan Ka-fai’s dragon and lion dance team has been particularly active in events and activities paid by the Yuen Long District Council. The team’s website detailed all the events they were hired to perform. A spokesperson at Home Affairs Bureau said Chan’s dragon and lion dance team volunteered to perform at the opening ceremony for Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Leisure and Cultural Building, and his team put a US$1,400 bid for the lion dance performance at the 2012 Youth Festival. Neither Leung Che-cheung nor Tsang Shu-wo was contactable before news deadline.

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