There are only two local English-language daily newspapers in Hong Kong – The Standard and The SCMP: Given the number of expatriates in this international city, this is simply not enough. Some of them who see Hong Kong as their home want to know what is really going on in Hong Kong, but the English dailies available in the market don’t seem to reveal the truth objectively often enough…

We feel that these newspapers don’t really cover the matters that Hongkongers (including the non-ethnic-Chinese community in HK) care about, and very often they write from China’s perspective and the news is simply China centric. Shouldn’t local papers focus more on home affairs?

Have you heard of the term “Nylonkong”? – New York, London, Hong Kong – traditionally the three major economic centres.  Over the past 10 years, it seems to us that the global press hasn’t paid much attention to Hong Kong, and when it has, it has simply peddled the party line coming from Peking – or worse slandering Hong Kong without offering the people of Hong Kong a fair chance to defend before the sentence and labeling.

So we did a bit more digging… The media in Hong Kong are either directly or indirectly controlled/owned by Mainland Chinese (e.g. a PRC Chinese editor in chief, or owned by pro-China/CCP billionaire, etc). We know many expats regard Hong Kong as their home, but they cannot read Cantonese nor speak fluent Cantonese. Friends of ours have long expressed frustration at not being able to read The Apple Daily, for example.

The “China desks” at international media are dominated by PRC Chinese. There are also rumours suggesting that PRC government subsidises PRC Chinese to study in journalism and rewards them heavily if they get a correspondent seat within the international press. Indeed, China has been actively buying Western media and then tailoring the editorial content to its own ends: These are the only international media whose coverage of world affairs is then allowed to be fed back into China – reinforcing and legitimising domestic CCP propaganda. These journalists are either indoctrinated or consciously working to a PRC-defined agenda, so their articles are biased and do not necessarily reflect the all of the truth, especially when it comes to Hong Kong and China related stories. Based on what we read on the global press, versus what we know to be true of the situation in Hong Kong we find this rumour may actually have some ground…

This is extremely worrying for Hongkongers. Despite the outcry and desperate calls for help from Hongkongers, no one in the wider world seems to be looking or listening. We set up this blog with the goal of telling the world:

what is really going on in Hong Kong, and the REAL NEWS that the English-language media are not telling you.

We want to make this blog a helpful little tool for you to “read” Cantonese newspaper without having to learn the language.

We are not journalists, but a bunch of true Hongkongers who want to protect our home by doing the least we could: We translate Cantonese news articles published in Hong Kong media into English to help the world discover what the is really happening in Hong Kong – we will continue to translate until the day Department of Truth emerges in Hong Kong.


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  1. Love to join your team. If you make your email available, I’ll contact you asap.

    • Thank you for your support!
      The editors are chuffed to bits every time we see encouraging messages.
      Please follow The Real Hong Kong News and spread the word.

  2. Your website is good but it is not widespread.
    I found that wikipedia english page about “CY Leung” is not detail enough. I tried to write but my english writing is not good and the reference was not enough. The writing about CY scandals were deleted.
    Would you pls help for write some CY scandals (with good ref) in wikipedia? You are helping Hk people.

    • Dear Shu Wing,
      Thank you for your message. May we stress that messages like yours are the things that keep us going, so thank you ever so much for taking the time to read and comment.
      We understand that The Real Hong Kong News isn’t a well known blog (yet), but we are working on this. We’ve recently started feeding our articles to Flipboard, but it looks like there are some problems with the feed. We are working on ironing that out, so hopefully this can be resolving this problem.
      We welcome any suggestions our readers/followers may have, but with thin resources our hands are tied. As you know, we are a group of volunteers, all of us spend a lot of our lunch hours, after work hours and holidays to get this blog up and running.
      Please forgive us for not being able to produce perfectly translated articles all the time, partly because we cannot afford to hire anyone to proofread. The key challenge, however, is to get the “urgent” matters translated and we cannot afford delay sometimes.
      Your suggestion is great, and we are happy to help. May we ask you to send us an email with your Wikipedia submission, so that we can help edit (to our best effort, of course)?
      Our email address is realhknews@gmail.com
      Hope to hear from you!
      Best wishes,
      The Real Hong Kong News

  3. Followed this blog already. I’m in Malaysia – but I’m very surprised at how much varnished truth the CCP wants the other parts of the world to believe about HK.

  4. Looks like you guys are doing a good job so keep up the great work! While I don’t think I have time to volunteer, I suppose if I see something obvious that can be improved, I will try to email you guys at realhknews@gmail.com to let you know.

    P.S. I read about your site from Mr. Lee Yee’s Facebook page so I guess your site are getting noticed! Very cool!

  5. Hello

    you are really doing good job, to inform the Non-Hong Konger on Hong Kong, since I am not from Hong Kong or China

    because many people misunderstand, and thought Hong Konger a like with Chinese, and they like CCP

    I am intresting indeed to be volunteer, if any thing needed…Thanks

    • Hi! Thank you very much for your kind note.
      Please visit us and share this blog with your friends who may or may not know/care about Hong Kong.
      If you can share with us your thoughts on our blog as a whole, its content, as well as mistakes we make grammatically (because we have limited time and we want to “churn as much out as quickly as possible” we often do not have the luxury to review the translations before publishing), that will be most helpful.
      Thank you again for dropping by, please visit us again soon!
      The Real Hong Kong News

      • Thanks for your kind message 🙂

        I am good in English, but not very good in grammer

        I am more intresting, in latest news, videos, about Hong Kong

        I see there is some important news coming in Hong Kong, but didn’t see it here in this blog.

        yeah, I will try to share my views in the coming post.


      • Yes, indeed we haven’t been translating as hard as we should. Sincere apologies.
        There are simply too many things going on, and it’s impossible for us to translate everything that’s been reported. There are a couple of English language newspapers in Hong Kong. We tend not to translate things that have been reported factually by the English press. We try to translate things that English media do not cover, particularly on the public sentiments – hence we have translated a few public affair commentators’ articles recently.
        Looking forward to hearing/seeing more of your comments/opinions!
        The Real Hong Kong News

  6. Just discovered your blog. THANK YOU for this fantastic site. As a Hongkonger now living in America, I want to keep up with what’s going on in HK but my Chinese is not that great so your site is such a fantastic resource to find out what is really happenin. Keep up the good work, you’ve got my support!

    • Thank you very much for your encouraging words.
      Please spread the word and share with your friends who may or may not understand the situation of Hong Kong. Global awareness and support are very important for the people of Hong Kong.

  7. You are doing good job to aware Hong kongers, but they are used to Of British system that everything cooked for them is correct. They already wasted their 16 years and inside everthing changed for them. Till the time they woke up and realize, everything will be transfered to China.
    They can’t fight for their rights. They need to realise otherwise nothing will left for their future generation.
    You keep trying to wake them up.hope one day they realize and fight for their rights and land.
    I am hoping people who are struggling for this cause, never loose heart and bow down under presaure of China or their representatives in Hong Kong.

    • Thank you for your kind words.
      We agree that Hong Kongers are not used to taking charge because the British had done a good job at managing everything for us – not always perfect, but the people were content. They didn’t know better but the younger generations do – especially those who have experienced the good old days.
      We are working to help wake more people up yes, but more importantly, we believe that it is important for the world to be able to understand the situation in HK. The only way is by showing them in English, a truly universal language, evident by the video of a young Ukrainian lady which had gone viral.
      This is certainly a difficult job – we have very limited resources. We are all volunteers (and there are not many of us), and we all have to keep our day job which are always hard – so we are all working double shift! 🙂 (It’s actually not that bad)
      The two things that keep us going are seeing more people waking up and joining the cause, and receiving encouraging messages like yours.
      Thank you.
      Please share our blog with your friends, may they be based in Hong Kong or not. We need the global awareness and support.
      We are also sharing a Facebook page with some other bloggers (https://www.facebook.com/realhknews). Please help spread the words and we look forward to hearing from you again.

  8. Thank you for this. I am so encouraged by Hong Kong people like you all. I am a returning Chinese from New York and want to understand more about this city I love.

    • Thank you for visiting. Hong Kongers need to be united. Hope that you can share with your friends in the US or anywhere else in the world.

  9. You have really done a great job! This blog is absolutely encouraging and educational. I wish to share these articles with my students with your url and blog name quoted.

  10. I’m also interested to be a volunteer of this blog,like many followers of this blog. Please let me know how I may contribute to this blog.
    thank you

    • Hi Marcus!
      Thank you for your support. If you’re interested in volunteering (we do have a pile of articles we haven’t finished), please send us an email to realhknews@gmail.com
      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Best wishes,
      The Real Hong Kong News

  11. Your blog is really great. I am a Hong Konger and now studying in Australia. I find your blog really shows the current situation in HK. Recently, there are many incidences happening in HK e.g.Kevin Lau incidence, freedom of speech, HKTV and executive election system.I really hope the world can know more about Hong Kong current tense situation. After Mr Lau incidence, I feel that every ridiculous things can happen in HK now. I love Hong Kong and hope it can be a better place to live in.

  12. Just found out about this amazing blog! Thanks so much for doing this. I’m a citizen journalist writing about HK for international press and would love to join the team if you’re looking for some translation/editing help.

  13. I just want to say that I LOVE what you guys are doing. I am a Hong Konger but I read English about 5 times faster than Chinese, and thus find it very painful having to get most of my news Chinese sources. Your news stories and articles are also very well selected, truly from a Hong Konger’s perspective. Keep up the good work!

    • Dear Claire,
      Thank you for your kind words. Your comment is very encouraging.
      Share articles you like and find important with your friends, particularly those who do not know much about Hong Kong. It is important to spread the words, and let the world know what is really happening in Hong Kong.
      Looking forward to seeing you back!

  14. Yes, I have been sharing your stories on Facebook quite a bit! Thank you for also being very quick about uploading the latest news!

  15. Thank you for setting this blog up. It’s important to diversify where we get our information from. Check my blog out too for opinions and reaction to news.

  16. Can I give this blog my China democracy ideas? For some strange reason, I cannot email it!

  17. Hi guys I’m based in Palo Alto and working on a video streaming app for protesters. We’re building an app that will keep backing up footage to the cloud even when the network drops off, so users can live stream and keep their footage safe from the authorities even in tough conditions.

    Would someone reach out to me? I’m looking to speak to journalists and activists about what they use today and how we can help.

  18. good job guys, accept thanks from an expat here, would be great to have feeds on facebook

  19. I like your blog a lot. It is fantastic resource, and long overdue! It imakes very interesting reading and is also very, very informative.

    Unlike many other English media resources in Hong Kong, “The Real News” provides reliable information, that I believe attempts to be genuinely trueful in content.

    However, the number of people who “Like” the blog on FB page is quite small, but I believe this is partly due to the fact that there is not much information about your blog is not being disseminated on the Internet, inside and outside Hong Kong.

    I have informed my friends on FB about it, but I believe there is a lot more people out there who would like to read your news articles and watch the videos that you post on your blog.

    Finally, I would like to volunteer my services to you, if You think I can be of assistance. Although I am not Chinese, I do consider myself a Hong Konger, as I was raised in Hong Kong.

    • Hi James,
      Thank you for your encouraging message. This means a lot to us all.
      We have close to none resources, to be honest, hence we cannot really do any promotion – hence the low number of FB and blog followers. Guess word of mouth is the only thing we can rely on, and you spreading the word is very much appreciated.
      As you can see the many mistakes we make in our translation, we haven’t got native English speaker to edit our work – one of our readers has contacted us and sent us some edits which we are working on updating. if you’re interested to help with us on this, please contact us via email: realhknews@gmail.com

  20. Finally I discover this English page for reading HK news. However, the layout needs to be improved. Anyway, much appreciation to your effort building up this website and pls carry on!

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