Leader of Leung Supporters: I Wanted Bloodshed Most

Ming Pao Daily

13th August 2013

Leader of Leung Supporters: I Wanted Bloodshed Most – Claims Wanting to “Wake Up the People”

挺梁號召人﹕最想流血衝突 聲言盼「喚醒市民」 去年曾赴江湖飯局

CY Leung attended a Town Hall meeting on 11th August, where supporters of his outside the venue beat up protesters. One of the leaders who called upon others to show their support for CY Leung is Tsang Shu-wo, Chairman of Ping Shan Rural Committee. Tsang once called for a “bloodshed revolution” recently when the village houses illegal structure dispute broke out. He also went to a “triads related dinner” last year at Lau Fo Shan and was arrested by the police previous at a triad raid. Tsang certainly has complex relationship with the triads. Tsang Shu-wo admitted that he brought over 40 villagers to support CY Leung in Tin Shui Wai. When asked about his relationship with the triads, Tsang pointed his finger at People’s Power and said they are the real triads. He also claimed that when CY Leung visited Tin Shui Wai, he wanted most is “bloodshed conflicts” and that he wants to “wake up the people of Hong Kong, and reveal the true colour of People’s Power”.

Tsang Shu-wo

Ma Ngok, assistant professor at Chinese University’s Department of Government and Administration, said that if anyone who organised attacks targeting any particular groups or planned attacks, will raise the public concerns over similar events in the future. Ma also urges the police to investigate and question the attackers. James To Kun-sun, Vice Chairman of Panel on Security at the Legislature, said that if anyone express their desire to resolve issues with violence is irresponsible and could damage the society. This raises the public concern on whether violent events will escalate, and the government should prevent it from happening.

In response to Tsang Shu-wo’s accusation, Albert Chan Wai-yip, legislator from People’s Power, said “I want to know which ‘big brother’ is looking after us” and commented that what Tsang said is stupid. Albert Chan said that Tsang helped Leung Che-cheung (legislator and Chairman of Yuen Long District Council) in his election campaign, and suspected that China Liaison Office could have used Leung Che-cheung to mobilise CY Leung “supporters”. CY Leung will participate a discussion forum on 18th August, Albert Chan said he’ll attend.

The police arrested a 19-year-old man named Or Chi-wah, who was suspected to have assaulted a volunteer from League of Social Democrats. Three other men who were involved in the case are not wanted. Five people were arrested since the Sunday incident, and the police emphasised that violent will not be tolerated.

During the show down on Sunday, Tsang Shu-wo said to the media that he’s on-site to as the “army to maintain order” and said, “If the protesters go forward, I will do the same with my fellow people”. He announced that he would stay behind until the end. As a Yuen Long district council member, Tsang said that he noticed that People’s Power called on their supporters to attend the protest, so he mobilised around 40 villagers from Tung Tau Wai to support CY Leung on-site. When asked about the public concern over his connection with the triads and potential bloodshed, he said “I wanted bloodshed conflicts the most”. When asked if he worries that bloodshed events will happen in CY Leung’s Town Hall events, Tsang said “I am not worry. That would be the best.” He also said “I want to wake up the people of Hong Kong, so that they would see the true colour of them (People’s Power). Otherwise, there would not be any bloodshed” and said he doesn’t understand why some groups of people would make it so difficult for “the Chief Executive to understand people’s livelihood”.

When asked about video footage showing him telling the villagers that “We should not hit them in front of the police, let’s go to the road and wait”, Tsang explained that what he said aimed at calming the villagers down. He also claimed that him and his fellow villagers were very restrained and it was People’s Power who provoked them. He also said that he will not be in Hong Kong and won’t be able to join the Kwun Tong activity CY Leung will be attending next week, but he does not rule out the possibility that other villagers will attend voluntarily.

During the Chief Executive election last year, Tsang Shu-wo was invited to a “triads related dinner” held in Lau Fo Shan, which Kwok Wing-hung, high profile triad group leader nickname Shanghai Lad, Fanny LAW Fan Chiu-fun, who was CY Leung’s campaign office head, also attended. The incident triggered police investigation as CY Leung was suspected to be involved in “black gold politics”. Organised Crime Unit of the police force arrested Tsang Shu-wo in August 2012 during a large scale anti-triad raid, but was later on released and was not charged with any offense. The HKSAR government intended to regulate illegal structures in village houses, Tsang Shu-wo participated a protest where Carrie Lam Cheung Yuet-ngor’s paper doll was burnt (a symbol to curse someone to burn in hell). According to source, Tsang Shu-wo made his success by purchasing lands and village houses at low price in Ping Shan area and has made enough money to “retire from the triad scene”. An experienced officer said that Tsang was a high profile individual. On 11th August before any incident happened, the police labelled Tsang and his followers as the more “edgy” group of people, and officers were ordered to monitor them closely to prevent any “incident” from happening.


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