Loyal to the Invaders, Resist the Locals

Passion Times

15th January, 2015

Loyal to the Invaders, Resist the Locals


Hongkongers, all these opportunities are reserved for Chinese

During the Spring and Autumn period (approximately 771 to 476 BC), the policy was to “[be] loyal to the King (Zhou), unite the nation in the name of the King and resist the foreign invaders”. CY Leung expressed his intention to introduce more talents from China in his 2015 Policy Address recently with a “list of talents” that he plans to introduce to Hong Kong. Over a hundred types of professions were listed – a bloodless genocide in full speed and scale. Leung’s policy is the complete opposite to that in the Spring and Autumn period – loyal to the invaders and resist the locals. Worship Chinese and suppress Hongkongers, turning Hongkongers into second class citizens in their homeland and eventually force them to leave. Such policy, perhaps, can only be proposed by the government in Hong Kong SAR.

However, this is not the first day of the systematic Sinification of Hong Kong. It began long ago: One-Way Permit immigrants started to flood into Hong Kong, smugglers raiding baby formula powder, Chinese students taking up large numbers of kindergarten and university places, daily necessities run out at local shops – the HKSAR Government although acknowledging these problems, has done nothing to address the difficulties and pain Hongkongers face daily. The grass-roots and the younger generations are the first to suffer from the Sinification of Hong Kong. To the HKSAR Government these Hongkongers have contributed nothing to society and are worthless, since the core drivers of Hong Kong’s economy are the middle-class political absentees and the various hegemonies. Therefore, the HKSAR Government has no intention of looking after the grass-roots and youngsters, instead focussing their efforts on licking the boots of Chinese and China’s Government.

The middle-class political absentees have never worried that their superior status, engineered by the HKSAR Government, could be on the line. They have long enjoyed relatively good life, hence, they spend their time worrying about how to enjoy their lives rather than thinking about lives and politics. My fellow middle-class Hongkongers, the HKSAR Government is doing China’s bidding in a mission to conduct a genocide, do you honestly think that you will be spared? You never show mercy when the lower class suffer from the government’s suppression and never resist or object to unjust and unfair policies because those problems do not affect you. Karma has arrived for your ignorance and selfishness. The HKSAR Government is now implementing policies that will affect you: instead of hiring the local Hongkongers, the government will be importing dentists, teachers, accountants, electric engineers, architects, etc. from China – the professions that have been securing your middle-class privileges. Soon, Chinese will take all the jobs in Hong Kong, speak only Mandarin and do things the “China way” – by then the genocide will be completed without a gun or a knife.

“One does not know the fear until the blade is on his neck”. At this moment, I do hope that the middle-class political absentees will be replaced by the Chinese at work, or else they would not know the threat is right in front of them. Then, Hongkongers might finally be united and fight together. Recently, protesters have started to call CY Leung the ‘father of Hong Kong’s democracy’. There may be some truth in this – without Leung’s proactive betrayal, Hongkongers would not have awakened.

It is heart-breaking to see our own government repel us as if we are invisible. With 12 years of free education, many Hongkongers are educated. Each of us has a dream and many want to fulfil their dreams in different occupations and contribute to society. However, the government refuses to entertain our dreams and insists on its “loyal to the invaders and resist the locals” policy, labelling the local talents as worthless garbage. Failing to nurture our talents was bad enough, but the government has taken it to the next step by “encouraging Hongkongers to develop (their careers) overseas”. This policy can only happen in Hong Kong SAR where the government is determined to betray its people. The cruelty of the HKSAR Government is highlighted by its preference towards importing foreign talent rather than nurturing local talent. It keeps claiming that there is no talent locally, as if it were true. But the truth is there is a lot of talent in Hong Kong! During Umbrella Revolution, for example, there was unlimited creativity amongst Hongkongers, and all these talented people need are opportunities. The HKSAR Government’s “loyal to the invaders and resist the locals” overarching cultural genocide plan tells Hongkongers one thing: no opportunity belongs to Hongkongers, all are reserved for Chinese – this is a result all Hongkongers have contributed to one way or the other.


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