Hong Kong Police Arrested Autistic Kid Based on Made-Up Accusation

Real Hong Kong News

28 February, 2018

Hong Kong Police Arrested Autistic Kid Based on Made-Up Accusation

In the afternoon of 27 February, 2018, four police officers arrested a 12-year-old boy in school uniform, because a Chinese woman with heavy Mandarin accent accused the boy of stealing.

The boy (name unknown) was seen by a witness to have touched an anti Falun Gong banner at the junction of Yu Chau Street and Nam Cheong Street, Shum Shui Po. The banner folded down subsequently, and the Chinese woman who’s guarding the banner chased the boy while shouting “Thief!”. Her shouting drew the attention of four police officers on patrol, and they immediately responded by rushing to arrest the boy.
The woman told the police officers that the boy wanted to steal her banner after the four police officers pressed him onto the ground. The boy, who is believed to be autistic, was screaming the whole time and unable to converse. He was subsequently carried to a police vehicle.
Jacky, a Hongkonger who witnessed the alleged crime, said that the police should have calmed the young man down because he was in distress and because he is young, the police should be more patient to explain to him the situation, instead of threatening him.
When the boy was taken away from the scene, Jacky went to confront the woman because she lied to the police and caused unnecessary trauma to the boy. He repeated asked the woman what the boy stole from her. The woman then changed her story, and said that the boy wanted to damage her banner rather than stealing it.
Jacky told her that she should not have placed that banner in the public space and that there is no damage on the banner. The woman said “I can put (the banner) anywhere I like!”
The woman soon went hysterical and shouted at Jacky, “What are you? I’m a Chinese, a genuine Chinese, where did you come from?” Jacky replied, “I moved to Hong Kong from India 50 years ago and I’m a Hongkonger!” She then shouted back, “I came here a hundred years ago!”
The Chinese woman continued questioning Jacky’s ethnicity. Jacky then said, “It is Mainlanders who’ve turned HK into a filthy place!”
The woman started shouting at other passerby, one of them is a man of Indian descent, shouted back at her “You commie, go back to China!”
The Apple Daily article quickly went viral. Netizens are outraged of the incident, most comments criticised the police for using inappropriate force on a boy, saying that police officers in Hong Kong are renowned for using violence on students, referring to Umbrella Revolution, the months-long pro-democracy protest in 2014.
Some netizens asked why the Chinese woman was not taken to the police station to give statement. Some comments said that this incident is similar to what happened to a Alpais Lam Wai-sze, a primary school teacher who confronted the anti-Falun Gong group a few years ago. Many also questioned if the police force in Hong Kong has been given order to be heavy handed on Hongkongers and give Chinese preferential treatments. Hashtag like #DirtyCops #BentCops in Cantonese emerged again.
Almost all netizens praised Jacky and the other passerby for standing up for the distressed boy, and applauded their courage, “Jacky and the other man are true Hongkongers, those ‘Chinese DaMa‘ are not!”
At the end, the boy was taken home by his parents and the case was categorised as “insane people found”.
Legislator Cheng Chung-tai wrote to Police Public Relations Bureau saying that the police officers in this case failed to calm down a boy and used force on a boy based on one person’s accusation. Cheng also questioned the police force’s ability to handle complaints and maintain public order, urging the police force to apologise to the boy and his family.

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