Erosion of Freedom in Hong Kong: Outspoken Teacher Silenced By China Lackey after Four Years of Struggle

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20 July, 2017

Erosion of Freedom in Hong Kong: Outspoken Teacher Silenced By China Lackey after Four Years of Struggle

Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze announced on her Facebook page that she will shut down her social media account because of harassment and hosted a live broadcast on the platform.

In 2013, Ms Lam confronted members of Hong Kong Youth Care Association (HKCA), a notorious pro-China group in Hong Kong and CCP lackey, in Mong Kok and challenged the police officers on site for protecting the thugs after violently attacking Falun Gong practitioners in Mong Kok. The incident escalated within days, and Ms Lam was forced to make public apology. About a month later, citizens organised a rally to support Ms Lam after HKCA’s continuous harassment and online bullying toward Ms Lam.

Lam live

Ms Lam bawled her eyes out throughout her Facebook live broadcast (Source: Ms Lam’s Facebook page)

In her latest Facebook live on 19/July, Ms Lam said that she can no longer express her views and feeling in public or on social media because “people” and “50 cents parties” have been harassing her, her family and “other innocent people around her”.

“Anyone who oppose their (pro-China camp) views can never live in peace… I am not going to resign, which is what these evil people want… The do not just harass me, but also people around me… Why are these people doing this?” said Ms Lam in her 30 minutes long Facebook live broadcast.

“After this, I will no longer be on here (Facebook)… I cannot even express my feelings online… This place (Hong Kong) is truly scary,” Lam said in a quivering voice.

Although no names were mentioned throughout the video, Ms Lam hinted that the Hong Kong SAR Government and the pro-China lackey are the reason she made the broadcast.

“I will be ok. If they want to shut me up here, I will stop using Facebook… I do not wish to see another Ms Lam… They are torturing people around me, who in turn put pressure on me… No one can protect the (freedom of expression) of teachers in Hong Kong… What can I do?” Ms Lam continued.

“The crooked government officials want to silence me after they disqualified our legislators, but I will continue to teach my students, who would understand and know that know I am a good person.”

On 16/July, Ms Lam received the below letter from the Education Bureau’s Permanent Secretary. The letter says that after investigation on three complaints, the Bureau found that Ms Lam has violated Chapter 2.1 article 3 of the Code for The Education Profession of Hong Kong, which stipulates that a teacher “shall strive to uphold the honour, dignity and ethics of the education profession and to foster unity and harmonious working relationships within the profession”.

Letter to Lam

Letter from the Education Bureau to Ms Lam (Ms Lam’s Facebook page)

“I know more complaints against me will come flying in… But I don’t think I have done anything wrong. I would not seek political asylum. I wanted to show the world what this government is doing to its people!” Ms Lam continued.

To conclude her speech, Ms Lam referenced to the Causeway Bay bookseller case in which they were allegedly abducted by police from China in Hong Kong’s soil, “You can have me ‘disappeared’ and abduct me to China, but I will not resign!”


One response to “Erosion of Freedom in Hong Kong: Outspoken Teacher Silenced By China Lackey after Four Years of Struggle

  1. A very brave lady for standing up to the CCP for so long i wish her well, the world needs to see how the disgusting CCP works in Hong Kong

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