Hong Kong Election Day Filled with A Series of Fishy Events

Real Hong Kong News

4th September 2016

Hong Kong Election Day Filled with A Series of Fishy Events

Many believe that this year’s Legislative Council election is the most intense and nerve-wracking for decades: The highest number of candidates ever stood in each Geographical Consistency, and many of the pan-democrats, having fielded huge ballot-blocking teams – especially across the notorious Functional Consistencies – stopped their campaigns only a day before the election to concentrate votes on a few representatives. The disqualification of six pro-Hong Kong independence candidates – raising questions about Hong Kong SAR’s Government breaching the Basic Law and Hongkonger’s human rights – is as important as Hong Kong’s evolution from a binary, pro-China vs. pan-dem, political spectrum to the current “Three Nations” scenario.

In addition to the Hong Kong SAR and China governments’ repeated interference (via public comments or disqualifying “undesirable” candidates), a series of suspicious incidents happened throughout election day 4th September: Before the polling stations close at 10:30 tonight, here is the Real Hong Kong News summary: You, as a reader and hopefully a voter, will be the judge of all these events:

Ghost Voters:

  • At least two people found out at the polling station that “they had already cast their ballots” when attempting to collect their ballot paper, one of them is a student from Hong Kong University.

Suspected identity fraud:

  • Officers working at some polling stations were reported giving out ballot papers to voters who showed only photocopies of their HKID Cards – claiming that they could verify whether a person holding the photocopy is the same person registered by checking photo with the voter’s face, and cross checking name and ID number with log-book, despite the fact that photos on a photocopy can be Photo-shopped.
  • At least one Hong Kong citizen – now living overseas – found out she had been registered as a voter with an address she lived as a child, almost 20 years ago.
Photocopy_1_Stand News

Photo: Stand News


Pre-voted Ballots:

  • At least three voters complained about receiving ballot papers with candidates pre-selected (all three complaints said that the “pre-selected” candidates are from the pro-China camp), and some officers at polling stations refused to void those sabotaged ballots

Damage Ballots:

  • There have been multiple reports of damaged ballot papers across all five geographic constituencies, but some polling stations officers refused to exchange, voters worry that their ballots could be regarded as invalid at the end


  • Two polling stations in the North District (Sha Tau Kok Central Primary School and International College Hong Kong) experienced electricity outage for at least 20 minutes early this evening and voters had to cast their ballots in the dark

Photo: ON.CC

“Organised” Voting:

  • Besides the commonly seen vans and buses taking old people from elderly homes to polling station, Christopher Chung Shu-kan’s wife was caught on camera writing DAB and FTU candidates’ numbers on elderly voters’ palms. When confronted by the media, Chung rebuffed them saying that if people are concerned they should report to the police

Disqualified Polling Agents:

  • At least 25 polling agents from both localist and pan-democrat camps are reported to have been disqualified at the last minute despite the fact that all of them had received email confirmations from REO’s Returning Officers


  • Localist group Civic Passion have been threatened by triads at their street booths during their last day of campaigning across all five geographic constituencies

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