CY Leung to Testify at Court

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18th April, 2016

CY Leung to Testify at Court

Legislator Raymond Wong Yuk-man, charged with common assault having allegedly thrown a water glass at the Legislative Council Chamber during the 2014 Policy Address (July), will be on trial today at the Eastern Magistrate Court.


CY Leung (Source: Passion Times)

In July 2014, Wong allegedly threw a water glass at the Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying inside the Legislative Council Chamber during the Policy Address. Whilst no one was reported injured, Wong is charged with common assault.

After he was charged a year after the incident (August 2015), Wong wrote to all Legislative Council members including 14 government officials (including CY Leung) as well as 56 legislators asking them to be witnesses at court. However, no response was received except for Ng Leung-sing who said that he is not able to be a witness due to his busy schedule.

Some pan-democrat legislators claimed that they did not see the incident, and their representative Alan Leong Ka-kit, who was put in charge of dealing with Wong’s request on behalf of the pan-democrats, said in earlier this year that they would wait for the court’s summons rather than standing at the witness stand voluntarily.

Wong asked the court to summon the 70 individuals present in the Chamber during the incident, but the Magistrates Court denied all of his requests at first claiming that there was not sufficient evidence to prove that the individuals on Wong’s list were potential witnesses and could help the court to understand the incident. The plaintiff, on the contrary, successfully summoned over 20 witnesses, including Chief Executive CY Leung, against Wong. Later on, the Court granted Wong’s requests to summon six individuals on Wong’s list, including legislator Albert Ho Chun-yan.


Legislator Raymond Wong Yuk-man (right) accompanied by Alvin Cheng Kam-mun from Civic Passion at the Eastern Law Courts Building last week

Although Wong’s alleged assault is not the first time a legislator has been reported to throw objects in the Chamber, it is the first time a legislator has been charged with assault. Wong, in his defence, claimed that legislators in the Chamber should only be bound by the Rule of Procedure and he was sent out of the Chamber by the chairman that day for violating the Rule of Procedure, just like previous cases when other legislators violated the Rule of Procedure.

CY Leung, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, will be the first to testify at court today, while Raymond Wong Yuk-man will be defending hmself. This means that CY Leung will be examined and counter examined at Court.


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