Hong Kong’s Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom Under Threat Again?

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14th April, 2016
Hong Kong’s Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom Under Threat Again?
Horace Wan-kan Chin (better known as “Wan Chin”), localist and author of the Hong Kong City-State Theory, has been informed by Lingnam University that his contract, as an Assistant Professor at the university, will not be renewed in August.

Source: twitter.com/Garvey_B


In last November, Chin publicly said that he received a warning letter from the university saying that he should “be cautious” about his words and behaviours, suspected to be related to his political views, hence raised some concern about academic freedom in Hong Kong.
Shortly after the news about the warning letter broke, Chin revealed that he had been relieved of all his administrative duties at the university, potentially related to his political views.
The warning letter was also believed to be related to organised complaints during Umbrella Revolution. Pro-democracy groups including Hong Kong Shield jointly advertised on newspapers condemning Chin for asking people not to support Hong Kong Federation of Students. Chin, based on his own observation and understanding of local politics, claimed that the student organisation did not want a successful revolution. Chin’s claim was supported by many localists and no-name protesters as they said HKFS’ intention is clear after their repeat attempts to dissolve the protest by using their influence to call for retreat even when front-line was brutally attacked by pro-government thugs and police, a time when support was required.
The difference between localists and pro-democracy camp in Hong Kong widens as the former sees the latter siding with and defending student leaders and other well-established pro-democracy organisations blindingly. The latter is also criticised by the former for their irrational believe in “absolute peace” during protest (e.g. have to raise hands and remain peaceful even if police officers are aiming at protesters’ heads to strike with truncheons). Front-line activists and localists regularly confronted these pro-democracy groups for questionable actions during Umbrella Revolution including refusing to support when conflicts between protesters and police took place and calling protesters to fall back when front-line protesters ask for backup.
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Additional background on Wan Chin

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