Long Hair Publicly Calls Wife of a Localist Group Leader a Prostitute

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15th March, 2016

Long Hair Publicly Calls Wife of a Localist Group Leader a Prostitute

Legislator Leung Kwok-hung, better known as Long Hair, said in an online radio chat show last week that Chan Sau-wai, wife of Wong Yeung-tat, founder of Civic Passion and Passion Times, “offered her arms to a thousand” – part of a poetic saying that describes prostitutes.

It has long been established that debates between Long Hair, pan-democrats and any localist groups or individuals often turn into arguments. Recently, when Long Hair expressed his support for Civic Party’s Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu during the New Territories East by-election, he described Edward Leung Tin-kei (the localist candidate in the election) as “eating human blood-soaked buns” – Long Hair accused Edward Leung for abandoning protesters during the Lunar New Year clash, and benefited at the election from the blood protesters shed at the clash, in which a number pan-democrats condemned protesters before the government labelled them as rioters.


Left: Lai Chak-fun; Right: Leung Kwok-hung (Long Hair) on their online show

Last Thursday, Long Hair co-hosted D100’s online radio programme (which is called 長Q直進 in Cantonese) together with Lai Chak-fun (nickname Q-jai), a long-term pan-democrat supporter and public affairs commentator, Long Hair heavily cricitised Wong Yeung-tat for retorting accusations made by Lai at the same show previously.


Long Hair first said that Wong Yeung-tat would not have been given the opportunity to host a radio show if it was not for Lai’s help (years ago), and that Wong always sits on the fence because he used to criticise legislator Raymond Wong Yuk-man but now they work closely in recent years (including the fact that they jointly announced to stand in the September LegCo election). Long Hair further commented that Wong Yeung-tat is merely a former script writer, while Lai echoed his accusation and said that Wong is at a different level so does not deserve their attention. They also hinted that Wong is not well educated at the live programme.

However, the audio footage of the show went viral for a different reason: Long Hair made a serious accusation against Wong Yeung-tat’s wife on the live show: (Wong) your wife, during Occupy Central (or as localists called “Umbrella Revolution”), “offered her pair of arms to a thousand”.

The poetic reference is often used in full as the following:

一雙玉臂千人枕             半點朱唇萬客嚐

Translation by Charles Egan:

A pair of jade arms, and a pillow for a thousand heads

The dot of rouge on her lips has been tasted by countless men

Long Hair’s comment immediately angered many netizens. Many netizens said that Long Hair making up an accusation with no evidence is pure low-level personal attack which harms Mrs Wong’s reputation. Some activists said that even though they do not see eye to eye with Mr and Mrs Wong, Long Hair’s empty accusation has crossed the line. These activists further questioned why the political organisation Hong Kong Shield, formulated during Umbrella Revolution, had not responded to such absurd accusation.*

Multiple witnesses questioned if Long Hair’s accusation was based on rumours and nothing else. They also said that Mrs Wong fell over during Umbrella Revolution (on 5th November, 2014) in the Mong Kok MTR station and was taken to the hospital by a male member of Civic Passion, who were later on joined by Wong Yeung-tat. Suffered from a sprayed ankle, Mrs Wong had to use crutches for a month during the months-long protest.


Editor’s Note:

Hong Kong Shield, formed by pan-democrat supporters, previously condemned Wan Chin, a well-known localist thought-leader, for his comment on a photo taken during Umbrella Revolution, which featured Shek Pui-yin, a female member of Hong Kong Federation of Students, on the main stage at the Admiralty occupy zone.

Source: Wikia

Chin’s comment was “action has really escalated”, but Shek took the comment very personally and accused Chin for sexual harassment because “he was making fun of my breast”. Chin said that his comment was making fun of the signage which says “Umbrella Plaza” as it was a property project.

Source: Wikia

Wan Chin received warning letter from the university he was teaching, which is believed to be related not only to his political views but also the above case.



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