Don’t “Racially Discriminate Against” “Mainlanders”? – The Point of View of Hongkongers who are Experiencing a Bloodless Genocide

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Don’t “Racially Discriminate Against” “Mainlanders”? – The Point of View of Hongkongers who are Experiencing a Bloodless Genocide

4th February, 2016

Recently, I shared a news article about a brave Hongkonger facing a racist Caucasian’s verbal abuse. In response to this post my friend, who immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong long ago,  asked me to urge Hongkongers to stop “racially discriminating against” “Mainlanders”.

I will explain in below how the term “racial discrimination” is not even close to describing the sentiment towards “Mainlanders” shared amongst Hongkongers. I tried to explain to this friend of mine, but he only stressed that “any behaviour that is related to ‘racial discrimination’ is wrong, if not all ‘Mainlanders’ are bad people, Hongkongers should not discriminate against them.”


I continued to reason on my Facebook wall with this friend, and asked him, “The situation changed since about 3 years ago. Now I am back (in Canada). Guess why? By the way, when was the last time you visited Hong Kong?”

The situation changed since about 3 years ago. Now I am back. Guess why? By the way, when was the last time you visited Hong Kong?

The conversation ended there.

According to the definition of the United Nations’ International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the term “racial discrimination” shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life. In short, favouring one’s own race and at the same time suppressing others by using any sort of political power: for example, the policy of apartheid in South Africa, American police favouring Caucasian when enforcing law or suppressing Asian or killing black people, minorities not getting promotions or employment due to their ethnicity.

In the majority of “racial discrimination” cases, the original (or self-assumed original) group or the privileged class uses political and economic systems or their population advantage (being the majority of the population) to suppress other races. As I finished reading Mr Johnson Yeung Ching-Yin’s article entitled “Last night, I got involved in a racial hatred case in HKU”, I can understand the mind-set of the friend I mentioned earlier: “once hatred is found, it would be extremely hard to re-build mutual trust and seek a way to co-exist” “I truly do not wish to see my comrades in Hong Kong  being physically hurt or having their dignity harmed.”

The “comrades” this friend of mine referred to is undoubtedly the “Mainland” student in Mr Yeung’s article. However, we must first understand the fact that Hong Kong is not in the situation that my misguided friend imagines.

What Hongkongers are facing at the moment is a much more serious problem: ethnic cleansing! A genocide with no blood physically shed.

One must be clear about the distinction between the two groups of people in the context of Hong Kong’s current situation: “Mainlanders” who come to Hong Kong to live, to work, to study, to travel; and the Hongkongers were under the British regime and suddenly became people living under the “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China”.

I have quite a few Chinese (as opposed to Hongkongese) friends and classmates, and many of them are hardworking and polite normal individuals. We are all ethnically related, just like a massive family – same as the fact that Hongkongers often find Taiwanese are more amiable than many other visitors. But it is logically wrong to assume, based on this one thing, that Hongkongers have to embrace Chinese in a bleeding-heart-liberal way.

A simple example: as I went to the Hong Kong Baptist University to register for my postgraduate programme a couple years back, the lady at the registration desk greeted me in Mandarin (the mother tongue of Chinese, but that of Hongkongers is Cantonese).

MANDARIN? MANDARIN? I was shocked and asked her, “this is Hong Kong! Why are you speaking to me in Mandarin?”

Feeling a bit embarrassed, she explained that 80% of postgraduate students here are Chinese.


The majority of these students are from the China branches of Hong Kong universities. After they finish their undergraduate degrees, they will be referred to and admitted by the universities in Hong Kong. When they graduate in Hong Kong, they stay to look for job and then apply to emigrate to other countries. Every day, 150 Chinese people are given permits (“One-Way Permit”) from China’s authorities to move to Hong Kong. In a single year, a total of 54,570 Chinese will immigrate to Hong Kong. It has been 18 years since Hong Kong’s sovereignty was transferred from Britain to China, an estimate of one million Chinese have moved to Hong Kong. Let’s not forget that there are 50 million Chinese “tourists” visiting Hong Kong every year.



These are just numbers, but what is the impact of these numbers on Hong Kong, a land with a population of around seven million?

In the 80s, many Hongkongers tried to escape the Communist China’s grip on Hong Kong and emigrated to the West – both the rich and the non-rich. In terms of immigration, generally speaking countries would accept applications from those who are able to contribute. Many Hongkongers who immigrated to the West were discriminated against by the Caucasian locals and often struggled to get work,  forcing them into low-paying jobs that wasted their skills.

Communist China, nowadays, uses its pawns – the Chinese migrants in Hong Kong, to colonise Hong Kong at the expense of Hongkongers. These Chinese migrants, in contrast to the Hong Kong migrants to the West in the old days, are very privileged: they can easily get hospital beds, school places, public housing, social benefits and postgraduate degrees whenever they desire. 80% of Hong Kong’s postgraduate programmes are occupied by Chinese migrants; management trainee positions offered by Chinese companies in Hong Kong are assigned to Chinese migrants; one can hear Mandarin in Central more often than Cantonese; more and more Chinese professors in universities in Hong Kong are controlling the funding of research; the HKSAR Government and pro-China political parties like DAB are nurturing young professionals from China. Looking at the grass-roots, Chinese are occupying public hospitals’ A&E departments and labour wards; Chinese migrants are given priority when it comes to public housing and social benefits; there are smugglers and Chinese tourists on every corner defecating in public and pushing prices up and creating a shortage of baby formula – the HKSAR Government and MTR staff turn a blind eye to these problems and crimes; government keeps on funding billions of dollars worth of white-elephant projects which can only benefit cities in China, not Hong Kong; rich Chinese speculate on property in Hong Kong while the Urban Renewal Council uproots old towns to “facilitate development”, creating a property market swamped with high-end condos which Hong Kongers can’t afford, and no-one is living in. Hongkongers are being suppressed from all sides on a daily basis.

It is very true that “racial discrimination” takes places in Hong Kong all the time. However, the ones who are being racially discriminated against are H-O-N-G-K-O-N-G-E-R-S!

Read this carefully: Hongkongers are being discriminated against in Hong Kong!

Chinese have surely gained their “reputation” around the world – not all of them are uncivilised but enough of them behave badly when traveling. To Hongkongers, however, Chinese are invaders.

If the situation continues, Hong Kong will soon become the next Tibet or East Turkestan: not only will the reserves be drained out, all elites of the society will be Chinese as Hongkongers being pushed aside systematically, when democracy is in place, the pro-China camp will have no problem getting the support of the public as the population will be dominated by Chinese. In the end, Hong Kong will be completely under the control of Peking, both economically and politically.

Naively believing the promise of “no change for 50 years” made by China? Hong Kong will be unrecognisable long before the 2047 “deadline”.

The localism and liberal nationalism movements in Hong Kong have grown up in the conditions described above. Politically, Hongkongers stand very little chance of winning the battle against China’s authoritarian regime. The HKSAR government, led by CY Leung, continues to be in power despite the massive scale Umbrella Revolution. Despite the students’ continuous effort to fight for academic independence, Hong Kong University’s Council, which has become a puppet of the regime, remains unchanged. Hongkongers face the rude Chinese tourists and migrants, the no longer recognisable community and environment as they walk out of their front doors, every single day.

Parents want to help their children be winners from the starting line of their lives, but many do not realise the start line is being eroded!

Only leftards like Sze Lai-shan, Choi Yiu-cheung and Ho Hei-wah, all of whom seem to suffer from Stockholm syndrome, would claim Chinese migrants are being suppressed and treated unfairly, and tirelessly assist them to exploit the systems in Hong Kong despite all the suppression Hongkongers face daily. Low level politicians like Chan Yuen-han lie to win public support in order to help Xiao Youhuai, an illegal immigrant who bullied and attacked other children in Hong Kong, to gain Hong Kong residence.

Only people from a country, where the system cares for them, can afford to extend their generosity to non-locals in need. Hongkongers, who are being exploited left, right and centre by the system and the authoritarian regime, really do not have the ability to be bleeding-heart liberals and love and care for the invaders of Hong Kong. However, the majority of Hongkongers are politically apathetic and live in a superficially carefree life. As a fellow Hongkonger said: “when others are humiliating you and suppressing you, all you do is bury your head in the sand instead of fighting back or resisting, you truly are a waste of rations!”

Chinese, perhaps not knowingly, become the accomplices of an invasion. One should not be surprised that Hongkongers, especially the younger generation, who are living in a future-less and suppressed environment, react to these invaders in ways that are labelled by the invaders and their naïve sympathisers as “racist”.

Looking at how the HKSAR Government is treating Hongkongers at the moment, one can imagine by the time Chinese become even more powerful in Hong Kong and dominate the ruling class economically and politically, our next generation will undoubtedly become second class citizens of Hong Kong. Hongkongers will only be able to find low-level and low-paid work.

Of course, I do not mean that the ways Hongkongers take matters to their hands should be praised.

Umbrella Revolution and the recent protest at Hong Kong University clearly show us that the peaceful and rational style of protest which Hongkongers have been using for decades is outdated. However, if we continue to resist the invasion effectively, there is still hope for Hong Kong. When pan-democrat legislators vote for bad legislation; do not pursue all possible steps to block funding for white elephant projects; and become political tricksters; Hongkongers should proactively kick them out of office by running for election themselves, instead of voting for them because there are no alternatives besides pro-China individuals. When Arthur Li Kwok-Cheung and his cronies take control of HKU’s Council, threatening the academic freedom of the institution, students should deal with it like the students during May Fourth Movement: Ignore those who attempt to talk you out of achieving your goals or encourage you to remain submissive, and follow the “leaders” to retreat.

When facing a regime and its cronies who manipulate the system and exploit their power, don’t just sit and rally.

In the future, take action!

Stand tall and don’t be slaves, and build our walls to defend our nation!

Hongkongers’ number 1 shortcoming is their unwillingness to sacrifice.

When Cantonese is eradicated, Hongkongers will cease to exist.

This is all I have to say.


Photos: Hong Kong & China are Not the Same


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