Anti-Corruption Expert Thinks HK Court Lets Terrorist Run Free?

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24th February, 2016

Anti-Corruption Expert Thinks HK Court Lets Terrorist Run Free?

Tony Kwok Man-wai, former deputy commissioner of the ICAC, an international anti corruption specialist and a keen supporter of Chief Executive CY Leung, wrote a few articles commenting on the recent case of Hong Kong Indigenous’ Ray Wong.

Photo: Apple Daily (Tony Kwok Man-wai)

One of the commentary by Kwok was published by Tai Kung Pao, a pro-China newspaper. In that commentary, entitled “How could Ray Wong be granted bail?”, Kwok described Wong as an “extremely dangerous terrorist” because Wong is charged for a serious crime (riot), suspected to possess ingredients to make bomb, and more importantly Kwok thinks that Wong will likely jump bail.

Kwok’s commentary published in Ta Kung Pao (screen grab from

In the article, Kwok criticised the Magistrate for making Hong Kong an “international laughingstock” by granting Wong bail. Kwok also questioned if the Magistrate’s decision was based on his own political views and that he should not have handled the case because of his political bias.
Kwok also recommended in his commentary that the public should set up a “court monitoring unit” as soon as possible and expose the names of all magistrates and judges who they see as giving “unreasonable verdicts” to name and shame them so that the judiciary system will not be “exploited” by some.
Kwok also wrote a similar article published by Headline Daily and a pro-China and pro-Government online media Speak Out Hong Kong, in which he urged netizens to investigate into the Magistrate who heard Wong’s case, and “dig out all information” of the Magistrate to check “if there’s any linkage between the Magistrate, his family and the pan-democrats”.
(Source: Apple Daily, Ming Pao, Tai Kung Pao, Headline Daily)

2 responses to “Anti-Corruption Expert Thinks HK Court Lets Terrorist Run Free?

  1. Here comes the Cultural Revolution! What next – make the erring judges perform self-criticism? What part of “innocent until proven guilty” does Kwok not understand? Ray Wong is not “an extremely dangerous terrorist”, he is a suspected terrorist – a very different thing. However, if Kwok does set up his monitoring unit, he might find it flooded with complaints from the other side of the political divide, starting with the magistrate responsible for the idiotic “breast assault” verdict.

  2. He’s right though. Hong Kong desperately needs people to monitor what is happening in courtrooms. You would be surprised and dismayed at what happens. This isn’t the UK.

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