“Weapons” and “Explosives” Found at Activists’ Hideout?

Real Hong Kong News

23rd February, 2016

“Weapons” and “Explosives” Found at Activists’ Hideout?

Ray Wong, a spokesperson of Hong Kong Indigenous who disappeared after the clash between protesters and police on the first day of the Lunar New Year (8th Feb), was arrested on 21st Feb together with a 28 years old man. After the arrest, the police announced to have seized a number of items as evidences at the site of arrest, a residential unit in Tin Shui Wai (not Wong’s residence).

Below is what the police released as evidences they have found at the site:

  • flammable liquid
  • ammonium nitrate
  • polyethylene glycol
  • silicon dioxide
  • 100 tablets of “Part I Poisons”
  • 1 “electromagnetic rail-gun” (電磁炮)
  • 1 extendible baton
  • V for Vendetta plastic mask
  • Gloves
  • 2 sets of body armour
  • A small amount of marijuana
  • Computers
  • HK$530,000 cash

To individuals, who have not read chemistry or not familiar with the ingredients of products we use on a regular basis, by simply reading the police’s claim (“found ingredients that can be used to make explosives”), the chemical names and the word “poison”, may easily lead them in believing that Wong and his friend were plotting some sort of terrorist attack.

High school chemistry books, however, give us a slightly different picture: flammable liquid, ammonium nitrate, polyethylene glycol, silicon dioxide are the key ingredients of paint thinner, plant fertilizer, laxative and dehumidifying sachets/pots respectively. Silicon dioxide is also widely used in aquarium and typically called “silica sand”.

The police confirmed that although the three bottles of “chemicals” they have found can be used as fertilizer, they believe the suspects have “alternative plan” for these chemicals.

As for the “Part I Poisons” found in the unit, as shown in pictures taken by various media, these poisons are in fact: sildenafil, or better known as Viagra.


Photo: on.cc

The one item that raises most eyebrows was the “electromagnetic railgun”, which sounds like a weapon of mass destruction. Electromagnetic railgun is indeed a powerful weapon, and the US Navy’s railgun only made debut last year, which are expected to be on the navy warships in the next decades. Exactly how an activist in Hong Kong managed to get hold of such cutting-edge weapon?


Photo: China Times

Again, photos of the evidences gathered at the arrest site taken by various media seem to show a very different story:


Photo: Ming Pao

The “electromagnetic railgun” the Hong Kong SAR police claimed to have seized looks a lot more like a science kit. Apparently, one can easily purchase a what seemingly the same set of “electromagnetic railgun” with a firing range of 1.5m – 2m from Taobao, the largest online shop in China, for a grand total of RMB22:


Souce: Taobao


Another thing worth noting about the arrest is that despite fire trucks and bomb disposal squat were dispatched as the police claimed that explosives were found, the site of arrest and its neighbourhood area were not evacuated.


Photo: Ming Pao

With the police’s extreme effectiveness in this case, Ray Wong is charged with riotting and was taken to court for his first hearing on 23rd Feb (within 48 hours upon arrest). At first, the Department of Justice demanded that bail not be given, but Chief Magistrate Clement Lee approved Wong’s bail in Kowloon City Magistrates’ Court. Wong’s bail conditions as follow:

1. HK$100,000 bail
2. HK$100,000 surety by Ray’s mother
3. Ban from stepping foot in Mongkok area
4. Curfew between midnight and 6am
5. Report to police station thrice weekly
6. Confiscation of passport.

Wong’s next hearing is set for 22nd March.

Video of Wong leaving the court accompanied by activist Alvin Cheng and Edward Leung from Hong Kong Indigenous, the latter is a candidate in the upcoming New Territories East By-election (28th Feb).


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