Leftard Language is Terrorism

Apple Daily

29th January, 2015

Leftard Language is Terrorism


By Chip Tsao

Source: Facebook Page “To Kit Articles” (https://www.facebook.com/tokit.articles?fref=photo)

Making a wrong statement could bring disaster to a nation. As leftards dominate the West nowadays, Benedict Cumberbatch, nominated for the ‘best actor’ Oscar for his role in ‘The Imitation Game’, could have blown his chances to win this award for using one word on an American TV show.

What did Cumberbatch say? He referred to black actors in Britain as “coloured actors” and said that they do not get as many opportunities in the film industry in the UK, hinting that there’s racial discrimination in the industry.

Today, so it seems, English as a language has to be perfectly pure and match the holy standard for the reason of seeking equality. When referring to non-Caucasians, one must never use terms like yellow people, Negros and black people. Referring to non-Caucasian as “coloured people” is politically incorrect too! Cumberbatch is now labelled as a racist across the world.

Racism needs to be punished. For saying that one word, Cumberbatch is being criticised by human rights organisations and the media. The Oscars judging panel will no doubt be affected by such “public outcry” when they evaluate Cumberbatch’s performance in the movie.

Leftard’s “dictionary of political correctness” expands every day, and it changes all the time which restrains our expressions tighter and tighter every day. For example, “transsexual” was an acceptable term a few years ago, but now it is taboo as it is has been deemed discriminatory, so one must use the term “transgender people”.

Sex and gender are both words referencing sex distinction, but the word “sex” also reference to the physical act of sex. Once, someone wrote “three times a week” under the section “Sex” on the landing card at Heathrow, which turned into a joke of the town for a while.

All joking aside, the term “coloured people” is now categorised as a discriminatory term, but strangely “people of colour”* is not deemed “racist”, at least for now. Cumberbatch is a 38 year-old man, and has been focusing his energy on acting, so he is probably not aware that the ever-changing “dictionary of politically correctness” advocated by leftards has changed so rapidly that many terms and words are no longer deemed “alright” – why should he, or anyone, tip-toe around the increasing number of things that leftards deem to be racist or discriminatory every other day? Cumberbatch, of course, knew to be cautious on words he uses, but he did not know that there is PC-dynamite buried at every corner – he only spoke using terminology that was acceptable back in the 70s, and stepped on one of the billions of PC-landmines leftards have buried along the way.

Leftards are mutant humans who wish to build a haven in the world of English language with all purity and possibly full of virgins. Every word we speak and write has to follow leftards’ commandments. Cumberbatch, in this case, carelessly slipped into one of their traps in the English language, and this will cost him an Oscar, as well as the virgins in the heaven created by leftards. Does this remind you the disgusting and ridiculous heaven the terrorists from ISIS believe in?

Even if an actor say one “wrong” word in public, it should not affect how individuals view his performance and acting. Support Cumberbatch, and boycott language terrorism. You may also consider watching Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’, which praises American soldiers as the international police, Great-Americanism and using violence to fight violence.


Editor’s Note:

* In a 1988 New York Times column about the phrase, William Safire pointed out that Martin Luther King Jr. referred to “citizens of color” in his speech at the 1963 March on Washington. Safire also quoted an NAACP spokesman:

“‘Times change and terms change. Racial designations go through phases; at one time Negro was accepted, at an earlier time colored and so on. This organization has been in existence for 80 years and the initials NAACP are part of the American vocabulary, firmly embedded in the national consciousness, and we feel it would not be to our benefit to change our name.’

Coloured people (which in South Africa means ‘people of racially mixed ancestry’) has in the United States a connotation different from people of colour. … Coloured is often taken as a slur, even when not so intended, and so this term — first used with this meaning in 1611 by the historian John Speed as ‘coloured countenances’ — is better replaced by its synonym as noun and adjective, black. People of colour, on the other hand, is a phrase encompassing all nonwhites. … When used by whites, ‘people of colour’ usually carries a friendly and respectful connotation, but should not be used as a synonym for black; it refers to all racial groups that are not white.”

Salvador Vidal-Ortiz in the Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Society:

“People of color explicitly suggests a social relationship among racial and ethnic minority groups. … [It is] is a term most often used outside of traditional academic circles, often infused by activist frameworks, but it is slowly replacing terms such as racial and ethnic minorities. … In the United States in particular, there is a trajectory to the term — from more derogatory terms such as negroes, to colored, to people of color. … People of color is, however it is viewed, a political term, but it is also a term that allows for a more complex set of identity for the individual — a relational one that is in constant flux.”



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