Apple Daily

16th December, 2014



By Lee Yee(李怡)

Translated by T

Alas! CY Leung is lecturing Hong Kong what is democracy. He said as the occupation came to an end, people should reflect on what we are fighting for: the democracy we want should be democracy within “the rule of Law” like all advanced countries, rather than an “illegal democracy”.

This seems to make sense at face value. But the problem goes: does the Basic Law, according to his interpretation, imply actual democracy? Also, does the framework on nomination by the People’s Congress bring true democracy? There is a wide gap between the ‘rule of law’ in democratic countries, and the so-called ‘democratic rule of law’ under a one-party dictatorship. The former is a true democracy of politics led by the Law, while the latter is a bogus democracy where politics dictate the law. What does the latter – a “people’s democratic dictatorship*” – look like where you have politics dictates the judicatory? You can find the answer just by looking at the “yes-men” at China’s People’s Congress.

What our citizens, especially our lawmakers, really need to reflect upon is how not to abandon the clause for genuine democracy under our existing Rule of Law, rather than accepting the counterfeit where “law” is dictated by one party’s nomination.

Editor’s Note:

*Original text was 人民民主專政


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