Chen Zuoer: British and Japanese Dare Not Talk About the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong

Wen Wei Po

13th December, 2014

Chen Zuoer: British and Japanese Dare Not Talk About the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong


Chen Zuoer (Source: RTHK)

In an interview with Phoenix TV, Chen Zuoer, Chairman of the National Association of Study on Hong Kong and Macau, talked about the massacre in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation of 1941-45. He criticised the British colonists for failing in their responsibility to protect Hong Kong, calling the surrender of British and Allied troops to the Imperial Japanese Army immoral and unjust.

During WWII, Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese army for three years and eight months. Chen Zuoer said in the interview that then Governor of Hong Kong (Sir Mark Young) surrendered without a fight. After the Japanese army marched into Hong Kong Island, its troops killed 170 patients in a temporary medical facility which had been set up on the Island, and tortured and killed medical staff. All female medical staff at the facility were raped before they were murdered.

Chen Zuoer said, “the British Hong Kong Governor and commanders were cowards and only wanted to save their own skins. After only 16 days of battle, they drove a boat from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon and surrendered to the Japanese with a white flag. A large school was converted into a temporary medical facility. A Japanese troop went over there on Christmas Day and conducted a cold-blooded massacre that can be compared to what happened in Nanking: an extremely brutal crime.”

Chen Zuoer also said that the People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison was paid for by the PRC Central Government, but that the British army stationed in Hong Kong and mercenary soldiers back then, who were paid for by Hong Kong taxpayers, failed to uphold their responsibilities to protect the people of Hong Kong. He further added that Britain nowadays does not even dare to mention this part of the history.

Chen Zuoer said, “the shameful Japanese of course would not dare to mention this part of the history. The militarism Japanese do not dare to mention. The British dare not to mention either because they are so very ashamed of themselves. Most of the people in Hong Kong have probably forgotten about this part of the history, they may not even know about it! What kind of moral responsibility did the British colonists have for Hong Kong? What kind of moral responsibility they should have borne?”

Chen Zuoer also claimed that thinking about these past events, and comparing them with how Members of the British Parliament have claimed that Britain has a moral responsibility for Hong Kong, and seek to conduct an investigation into the development of Hong Kong’s political reform, he found the British Parliament’s actions provocative and laughable. Chen also stressed that British MPs visiting Hong Kong to investigate (whether the Sino-British Joint Declaration has been upheld) would constitute interference in China’s internal affairs, and can never be allowed.

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2 responses to “Chen Zuoer: British and Japanese Dare Not Talk About the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong

  1. More than 3,000 British soldiers had died, and many more become prisoners, in Hong Kong in fighting against the much stronger Japanese army. This motherfcuker Chen Zuoer should have known better that the CCP red army did not fight the Japanese at all in China and Mao even thanked the Japanese afterwards for invading China hence helping them with an opportunity to overthrow the ROC regime.

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