Impressive Track Record of Police Commander who Beat Passerby Randomly

Passion Times

28th November, 2014

Impressive Track Record of Police Commander who Beat Up Passerby Randomly

亂棍喪毆旺角途人 暴力警司前科累累

After two consecutive days of conflicts between civilians and police, more and more videos and photos have shown the Hong Kong SAR Police Force are not only violent but have lost control. One of the videos that went viral last night shows that a police commander outside the Shanghai Commercial Bank located in Argyle Street, Mong Kok used his truncheon to strike a passerby on the back of his neck. This Commander’s attack can potentially damage the nervous system of the victim and paralyses him. In addition, the young man was only walking pass that area, the commander’s attack triggered public outcry. Netizens immediately identified him as Chu King-wai, Shatin Div Commander.

In 2002, Chu was suspected to handcuffed a television station’s cameraman during a protest clearing action in Chater Garden. After citizens filed complaints, Chu was disciplined. On the 1st January, 2014 protest, a group of protesters were wandering outside Cheung Kong Centre in Central and were surrounded by a large group of police officers. The protesters contested the police action and said it was an unlawful detention. The protesters decided to leave the area, but Chu ordered that “they cannot be released! Surround them all!”

Despite the complaints against Chu, his career in the police force advanced. Chu was a Chief Inspector back in 2004. Even after the 2003 disciplinary action against him, he was promoted to the Leader of D Division of East Kowloon Police Tactical Unit (PTU). He was again promoted in 2010 as Superintendent of the PTU Training Unit. In 2012, as his career advanced further, Chu became the Division Commander of Shatin Region. During the anti-demolition of the Queen’s Pier protest in 2007, Chu’s performance during the protest clearing action was endorsed by the Chief Executive and a letter was sent to him by the Chief Executive then.


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