Man Carrying Cable Ties and Bicycle Chains Arrested

Apple Daily

9th November, 2014

Man Carrying Cable Ties and Bicycle Chains Arrested


A police spokesperson said that the force recently arrested a 25-year-old male who urged people online to participate in an illegal assembly in Central. On 8th November, in the afternoon, a 27-year-old man carrying 200 metal cable ties and five bicycle chains in his bag was stopped by the police. This man was arrested because he refused to explain what he was planning to do with the ties and chains. The police arrested him for being “in possession of instrument fit for unlawful purposes“.

The police claimed that the man was released on bail and is awaiting for trial at the moment, so he will have to report back to the police station in early December. The case is currently being handled by the Central Police District Criminal Investigation Team.

Dozens of protesters gathered at the bridge of Admiralty Centre that connects the Central Government Headquarter at around 19.00 last night. The protesters attempted to block the bridge with metal fences and rubbish bins, but eventually dispersed peacefully around mid-night. The police condemned the actions as disrupting public order.

After mobile phones had been stolen in Admiralty, around 09.00 today a 41-year-old man attempted to steal a mobile phone from a protester’s tent in Mong Kok. The suspect was arrested by the police and taken to the Mong Kok Police Station for further investigation.



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