Joseph Sung Jao-yiu: “Students, it’s time to go home” – Good Cop, Bad Cop Tactic

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28th October, 2014

Joseph Sung Jao-yiu: “Students, it’s time to go home” – Good Cop, Bad Cop Tactic


Benny Tai Yiu-ting’s Occupy Central with Love and Peace had died without a single action. The real deal Umbrella Revolution broke out and caught him unguarded. The last generation cannot command the people, the old power system is paralysed, professional activists, pan-democrats, Jimmy Lai, Cardinal Joseph Zen have come out one after another to try to regain their lost power, by ordering “volunteers” to remove barricades, to establish the authority of an “official organiser”, blacken the name of the Mong Kok protest site as a riot zone, etc. The people remain calm and resist these orders.

These people who encourage protesters to disperse are the people with vested interests, beneficiaries of this authoritarian government. Amongst those with vested interests, there are “good cops” and “bad cops” too. The “bad cops” are those who lean on China and the authoritarian regime to suppress everything against them, the “good cops” are those who show their sorrow faces and preach for defeatism and urge protesters to retreat as they worry that students and protesters would get injured, and that their parents are waiting for them to go home for supper. Both good and bad cops are in the same social stratification, the only difference is they hold different occupational positions. However, they are all unable to sustain with “chaos” and want status quo.

If Hongkongers disperse, bad cops would be content, and the good cops can once again represent the people and the “civil society”.

Since Umbrella Revolution could not be ended, the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was suspended. CEO of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Charles Li Xiaojia, told the media that people should wait patiently, and students in Hong Kong should consider a “proud retreat”. This is the warning given by the bad cop, The Central Propaganda Department. If it doesn’t work, there’s a good cop Joseph Sung Jao-yiu, Vice-Chancellor of Chinese University Hong Kong. Sung called upon on students to retreat via his Facebook page by saying “students, it is time to go home”. Sung said that there are “violent incidents” in Mong Kok and that he would regret for the rest of his life if anyone gets injured or killed if he didn’t say anything now.

Compared to those who couldn’t make it to universities, students are still innocent as they are still being nurtured inside an ivory tower. Professor Sung is loved and supported by many students as his image has always been an open-minded professor who asks students not only to read more but do romantic things – everything about him is positive.

In reality, CUHK opened a branch in Shenzhen which gives out graduation certificates that are identical to those given out in CUHK located in Hong Kong despite the fact that CUHK repeatedly said that it would never happen. Only after students and other organisations made substantial pressure on CUHK, it changed its mind, again. Giving away the best interests of the students locally on one hand, and telling them a beautiful story about how he cares about them, on the other, how ironic!

Sung called for a retreat claiming that the Hong Kong SAR Government is holding out an olive branch. Where is the olive branch? Mong Kok protesters have been harassed by anti-occupier day in day out with no proper action taken by the police! How many times have Professor Sung visited Mong Kok to see for himself what is going on there? He said that “the road to democracy is a long one” – isn’t 30 years long enough? The mess his generation created is now down to the younger generation to fix. Sung and others who call for retreat should apologise for the mess they have created before they come out and advise the protesters!

Sung told us to retreat, but let me tell you what will happen if we do: many would be arrested for merely participating in the Umbrella Revolution. The so-called elites and pan-democrats would rush out to protest, hold rally, shout “shame on the government” – after photos are taken, our generation and the poor will continue to be the slaves of the system, live a life with no dignity and be eternally thankful to the tinniest “fortunate event” that may happen.

If we retreat, their world of ideals and fantasies will win. But in reality, we will continue to live an undignified life. Sung and these elites are the elders, their remaining lives will be stable and peaceful – but their students and the younger generations will suffer in the future, and their children will have no choice but join the suffering too!

By Lewis Loud


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