Admiralty, Pan-Dem, Student Leaders – Wang Dan’s Disperse Tactic

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26th October, 2014

Admiralty, Pan-Dem, Student Leaders – Wang Dan’s Disperse Tactic


Wang Dan, one of the student leaders at the Tiananmen democratic movement back in 1989, has published an article today calling students in Hong Kong to give themselves a round of applause and prepare to fail. Pan-democrats called for a referendum at the protest site in Admiralty with an aim to tell the government how many people are protesting and to urge the government to deal with them (instead of the protesters). From the leaders of the 4/June who are safely residing in democratic countries to the pro Greater-China Reunification and “building a democratic China” pan-democrats, to them the stage remains unchanged.

America does not really want Hong Kong to be truly democratic. American banks and other financial institutions are the major source of election funding to the Republicans. America’s foreign affairs policies are all about defending these financial institutions’ business. Hong Kong remaining status quo, that is for China’s authoritarian regime to continue to rule over Hong Kong, is the best for American corporates because if China has the final say, the US only has to deal with China – which also means Hong Kong’s policies toward American corporates and MNCs are directly under the control of China. All sorts of taxation, economic and competition related policies are being controlled by this hierarchy: corporates -> US (as a nation) -> China -> Hong Kong.

On the contrary, if Hong Kong becomes fully democratic, Hong Kong Government does not only have to obey the Chinese Government but also be accountable to the people (after all they would have a genuine democratic vote). If the Americans want to interfere with Hong Kong’s policy, they cannot deal with China only, they have to lobby with Hong Kong’s Chief Executive as well as with other local organisations. If this is to happen, the Americans will have to plant more of their own people in Hong Kong and the entire CIA network will have to be altered, and some outdated agents will have to be replaced (this is something that the pan-dems stationed in Admiralty worry about day and night). Based on this assumption, Hong Kong remaining as a territory under a dictatorship and centralised power is the most beneficial to the US. American agents prefer not to rock the boat, so to speak. With this background, The reason why the Democratic Party supported the backward political reform and why the US Consulate showed their support to the proposal in 2010 all makes sense. Ensuring the dictatorship continues to govern Hong Kong will safeguard American corporates to continue benefiting from the status quo.

Hence, pan-dem connected to the US, Occupy Central with Love and Peace, Jimmy Lai Chi-ying (owner of Apple Daily), Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-Kiun and Wang Dan (a leader of the Tiananmen Square movement in 1989 who now lives in Taiwan but calls America home) have exhausted all means to call for retreat. They are speaking on behalf of the US. The agents of pan-dem have lost their power to command the people, which means they have no bargaining chip to negotiate for their own interests with the government. Since pan-dem failed to command the people, American will of course not offer them their rewards in businesses and politics. Therefore, everything they do are to demonstrate to the US and China that they can control the people and are worthy political agents. Today, Wang Dan, who talks a good talk to remain in the political scene, began to spread defeatism and forces the guaranteed-failure-protest style upon Hong Kong which is no doubt shameful. His behaviour speaks out about his mentality of a failed politician who enjoys giving orders, of course. The important thing is the cunning strategist behind, America, always uses their agents who appear to have halo on their heads, so that naïve Hongkongers would follow them.

How about the student leaders, Hong Kong Federation of Students and Scholarism? Many have doubt in them but tend to give them the benefit of the doubt at the same time. Many hoped that they would fight with the pan-dem behind the scene in Admiralty in order to stop them from hijacking the people’s movement. However, the fact is that they are willingly cooperating with the pan-dem, work for them and attempted repeatedly to establish an authoritative “organiser” of the movement, represent the people, and even take back the control of the movement. HKFS have made numerous tactical mistakes (e.g. ordering to give up the road in exchange of the Civil Square, calling for retreat, attempted to talk down the protesters in Mong Kok) and moral mistakes (Tommy Cheung Sau-yin of HKFS announced that HKFS wanted to gain the control of Mong Kok in order to raise their bargaining chip). Scholarism, on the other hand, is caught in the middle and marginalised. Joshua Wong Chi-fung being forced out of the negotiation team, despite his good debating skills, is an obvious sign.

How do the pan-dem control both student groups but at the same time use them to take credits making it impossible for the students to break free from their control?

There are two reasons for HKFS and Scholarism dare not to “break up” with pan-dem: (a) the students are less experienced than the political veterans, due to the super-star image of these “politicians”, student leaders did not have the guts to overthrow these elders; (b) these student leaders will graduate soon, and many of them may dream to be politicians, which means they would need to work for the pan-dem as their assistants or researchers. Pan-dem have substantial power and interests that student leaders can potentially benefit from, so if they screw up the relationship now, they may not be able to reconcile with the pan-dem later. The political power HKFS and Scholarism have is mainly built up by Apple Daily’s constantly reporting. Joshua Wong, Alex Chow Wing-hong and Agnes Chow Ting, are being shaped as the holy idols of Hong Kong’s democratic movement. Disobeying pan-dem means you’re disobeying Jimmy Lai. If Apple Daily wants to take your halo down, the “civil society” who supports democracy will then begin to scold you and talk you down. These students whose future and vanity are in the hands of the “civil society” will of course become the credit claiming puppets of the pan-dem.

The “referendum” announced by the pan-dem (led by Benny Tai) a few days ago was eventually withdrawn due to the public outcry because of the unclear objective and meanings of the referendum (mainly due to the fact that the options available in the vote were controversial, e.g. demand HKSAR government to submit a report to the Macau & Hong Kong Liaison Office instead of the NPC to revoked the NPCSC’s political reform framework). Once again, America’s political agents in Hong Kong were defeated by the people. Now the students have a chance to detach themselves from the pan-dem after the withdrawal of the “referendum”, but it is up to them to make that choice.


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