Know who you are really rooting for

Today we have witnessed who really is trying to start some violence and instability….the blue team. Government backed hooligans are trying to make the rest of the uninformed public majority, question the legitimacy of the occupy movement. It is of course a dirty tactic one can come to expect from CY Leung (689). Manipulation of public perception has always been one of his moves. The government is now intentionally trying to keep schools and other public facilities from operating, in order to cause more inconveniences for the people who are still on the sidelines.

Now for the ones who are saying: “I support democracy, but don’t block the streets because I need to go to work, or open my shop.”, then ask yourself what you have done to support the fight for democracy? Are you not even willing to temporary give up a little convenience, so that the rest of the passionate and peaceful protesters can do what you are too cowardly to do? And ask yourself if a stable and orderly society is really want you are supporting, then the blue ribbon wearing thugs who are violently attacking the peaceful and orderly protests, are the ones you should be condemning instead.

It is also shameful how the police showed blatant favouritism towards handling of the thugs, while showing no mercy towards the ordinary protesting citizens they swore to protect. Instigating social unrest is what the government wants, don’t fall for it. Think twice next time you decide what profile picture to change to on your Facebook page.

#umbrella revolution #occupy central


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