Will You be going to the “Wedding Banquet” in Central?! !

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12th September, 2014

Will You be going to the “Wedding Banquet” in Central?! !


Occupy Central’s civil disobedience event will most likely start to take place on October 1st, one of Hong Kong’s public holidays. And we now have a “secret” code name for the event, which is going to the “Wedding Banquet”. This was done to ensure that the movement’s leaders and it’s followers can avoid legal troubles before the event actually takes place. By using a replacement codename, it was believed
that the authorities could not make arrests on OC organisers for “inciting people to commit crimes”.

And so, it’s now a hot topic of when and where to attend this “wedding”, and how many will show up for the occasion. But since it will take place on a public holiday when some Hongkongers might choose to take overseas trips, the “explosive” damage on the financial district will most likely be minimal, questioning the effectiveness of what the movement had aimed to do in the beginning, to paralyse Central in order to have a bargaining chip with the government. This might be more of a “dress rehearsal” rather than the main act. But one of the movement’s main leader and founder Benny Tai had said that the effect of a “nuclear explosion” is not limited to the time of the impact, but rather it would be long lasting and the result might not be seen until later!


2 responses to “Will You be going to the “Wedding Banquet” in Central?! !

  1. It is Beijing which release its undemocratic election package which render Hong Kong people resolve to show China that they are unhappy with the proposed arrangement. It is at best a fake election and an insult to the intelligence of the Hong Kong people.

  2. The international community is watching and calling for a change to the current ineffective and authoritarian Hong Kong leadership. Hong Kong is a democratic society.

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