Mont Vert: Buyers of Big Units Could Be Forced to Buy Small Units

Apple Daily

15th July, 2014

Mont Vert: Buyers of Big Units Could Be Forced to Buy Small Units

嵐山劏房戶擬綑綁式賣              買家或須焗購毗鄰大單位

Mont Vert offers residential units that are no bigger than 200 sq. ft. (gross). Cheung Kong, the developer of this complex, said that these miniature units are designed for families who purchase the 3-bedrooms units that they are adjacent to – as Cheung Kong branded as “One Family + One” and marketed as 1 (big) +1 (small) unit allowing residents “living next to each other to look after each other”. The developer, however, has not released the details. It is possible that buyers of the large units may be required to purchase small units.

Cheung Kong’s Mont Vert has to be the champion of this year’s “most weird layout” property competition. Debates sparked up after the 177 sq. ft. units were revealed. Some said that Cheung Kong is “maximising its profit”.

According to Cheung Kong’s press release, Mont Vert Phase 1 adds 196 residential “prison cell size” units in the market, which could mean there are 196 “One Family + One” combined units available in this development. Each combo unit represents a 3-bed and 3-bath unit ranges from 905 sq. ft. to 949 sq. ft. that could be sold together with a “sub-dividing unit size” flat between 177 sq. ft. and 196 sq. ft. The combined gross flat area for each if these combos are approximately just over 1,000 sq. ft. and these combo units will each have 4 bathrooms.

Cheung Kong’s Investment Director Lau Kai Man said that the “One Family + One” concept is tailored for big family so that elders or children of families can have their independent living space outside of the family but can be looked after by the family. This could mean that the small units at the development will only be sold to the buyers who purchase the 3-bed units – or the 3-be units buyers will have priority to buy the small units. Lau did not mention whether or not it is possible to knock down the wall the divides the large and small units.

Cheung Kong did not allow media to ask questions at the press conference and did not response to media enquiry yesterday about the concerns above.




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