Long Hair Proposes Resignation to Trigger By-Election; Albert Ho: No Need to Resign

Apple Daily

5th July, 2014

Long Hair Proposes Resignation to Trigger By-Election; Albert Ho: No Need to Resign


Albert Ho

Lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung (also known as Long Hair) from League of Social Democrats was sentenced for four weeks as a result of protesting against the Replacement Mechanism (a system the HK SAR Government proposed to replace the existing system that allows Hongkongers to express their opinion with their votes in Hong Kong’s non-fully-democratic election system. The Replacement Mechanism is designed to eliminate the possibility of any by-election triggered by one or multiple elected lawmakers resigning from Legislative Council, this by-election was tested by five lawmakers in 2010, and was described as “indirect-referendum”). After serving four weeks in prison, Long Hair is released today and was given a heroic welcome by over 100 citizens. Outside Lai Chi Kok Correctional Institute, Long Hair asked pan-democrats to unite and resign from their positions to trigger by-election, in order to beat Chinese Communist Party by demonstrating Hongkonger’s desire for a truly democratic election. He also said that he will consider resigning to trigger a by-election. When asked about resigning to trigger by-election, Albert Ho Chun-yan, member of Democratic Party, said that there is no need for anyone to resign to start a by-election or indirect-referendum because the occupy Chater Road and e-referendum have already demonstrated to the world Hongkongers’ desire for democracy. He added that unless a political reform proposal that can answer the people’s demand is finalised, he will not consider resigning. (Albert Ho agreed in March 2013 that he will resign to trigger a by-election in order to secure a genuinely democratic election)

Lawmaker Ray Chan Chi-chun from People’s Power said outside Lai Chi Kok Correctional Institute today after Leung’s release that he will support and participate in resigning from his seat in the LegCo to trigger a by-election.


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