As a Christian, I Feel Ashamed

Passion Times

2nd July, 2014

As a Christian, I Feel Ashamed

身為基督徒 我覺得相當歉疚


One weekend in June, I went to a dim-sum restaurant and overheard my neighbouring table’s discussion on the protests outside the Legislative Council. One of them said, “I think both sides are wrong! The government should not have rushed to pass the funding, but storming into the LegCo isn’t right either!” Another mid-age man said, “that is so violent to storm into the LegCo! I think they are being provoked by some organistaions.” Another agreed by saying, “they must have been paid to do that. No one with decency and not paid would have stormed into the LegCo. Maybe they did not do it for money but for running future elections (all those participated the protests are youngesters)!” They continue to discuss with passion and agreeing with each other that protesters are all baddies, and never once tried to find out what causes all these outrage in the public. All of a sudden, a man in a tailored suit guided the discussion to another direction, “if one day teenagers stormed into a church during a Mass, what should we do?” OH MY GOD! It is a group of Christians, and one of them is a preacher! The mid-age man said, “I expect this will happen one day. I would pull him/her aside and will never allow him/her to interrupt the Mass, no one should be shouting at the church.” Others nodded in agreement. This concluded the discussion and they turned to talk about random things.

Soon after that meal, a screen grab image was sent to me via Whatsapp. The image is a prayer about the 15/June Pink Dot rally organised by The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of HK. Typhoon signal #1 was hoisted on 14/June evening, the prayer goes, “let us ask our Lord to use weather to stop people from participating the (Pink Dot) rally in order to prevent them from being exposed to incorrect messages.” The end of the prayer says, “let us pray that it will be sunny tomorrow in every part of Hong Kong except Admiralty (where the rally will be held) so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant Father’s Day.” I immediately forwarded this “prayer” to people and shared it on social media. The result is that the majority of the public thinks that there is something seriously wrong about this “prayer”. Some said that these Christians treated their Lord like someone that can come and go as they demand. Some said that they have really ugly hearts. Some said they are simply stupid. Besides all these, as a Christian, I feel ashamed of these fellow Christians.

Their political views are very wrong and did not even spend time to understand what is happening in Hong Kong. They focus solely on politeness, and that anyone that challenges the authorities is wrong and must be silenced. Many Christians in Hong Kong are middle-class political absentees. With their twisted belief, peaceful-rational-non-violence demonstration is an ideology that can never be overruled. However, if we look a little further, they are no different from our parents’ generation – the sleeping Kong-sheep, which means a bit of education could potentially help them understand better. When I was sitting next to the Christians in that dim-sum restaurant listening to their jabberish chat, I was angry but I do not hate. However, when I saw that “prayer” I was far beyond anger. These Christians are simply ill will people! For the sake of objecting homosexuality, they have lost their minds and treat our Lord as their footman! Their skin-deep “prayer” because of their fear over homosexuality, and this fear became a stubborn anti-intellectualistic mind. Take this case as an example, these Christians pray to the Lord to stop people from participating Pink Dot with storm, but all typhoon signals were down that day. Based on their logic, does that mean that God had stopped the storm for the homosexuals and their supporters? Their anti-intellectualistic mind, ill will and believing that their prayers could control God’s acts, and further more forcing their selfish wills upon others make me ashamed to be a Christian.

Such shame often makes me want to cut these people off my life. I think that they should stop insulting the term Christian, and they should be called “fake-Christians”. I do not think that I am as low as these “fake-Christians”, but the paradox is that if I truly want to cut these people off, why would feel ashamed? If I did not care about what these people represent and what images they project, I would not feel ashamed. It was Jesus Christ who told us to love each other, but why would I be so upset when I see these people and hear what they say? I often complain about Christians in Hong Kong have become a group of people that focus on preaching and nothing else and I want to do more about this. The image of Christianity in Hong Kong is low of these people, and I could have joined others to boycott them. However, I still feel ashamed of all these because I believe Christianity is not as shallow as these people portrait. Jerimiah 1:10 “See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.” Some see criticism as destruction, I see it as improvement. Fake-Christians are the real enemies of Christianity – just like pseudo-left-wingers and China’s quislings are the real enemies of Hong Kong.

Mainstream churches have disappointed a lot of Christians driving Christians out of churches. Some of them stayed in the establishments to fight. There is another way out, however, as some suggested. Post-Christians rise in light of these issues and they have these seven characteristics:

  • Lost their motivation to participate or disappointed by the church;
  • Serious about their belief and emphasis on self-reflection and execution of faith;
  • Emphasis the executionablity of their belief: believing that belief is not just lip-service but something that can be executed;
  • No obsession on religion but seeks traditional manners and values. Happy to help people from all walks of live including non-religious ones;
  • Object the absolute power of superiority and long for equal relationship;
  • Emphasis on the unity of the “tribe” but cooperate with other tribes on various issues;
  • Concern about social issues.

These Christians are scattered around Hong Kong but sometimes they unite. There is no “big boss” that leads them, which is similar to some activists in Hong Kong. Hongkongers are sick and tired of defeatism and have decided to organise their own actions without any universal leaders. I wish that in the future, Christians would follow suit.


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