Murderer Shi Junlong Protests Against Lawyers’ Silent March

Apple Daily

28th June, 2014

Murderer Shi Junlong Protests Against Lawyers’ Silent March

入境處縱火主犯施君龍 踩場辱罵法官


Around 30 pro-China Communist Party individuals participated in a protest yesterday outside the High Court where the legal sector gathered after their silent march to voice their concern on China’s recent White Paper. Shi Junlong, who killed two Hong Kong immigration officers in 2000 and was convicted of murder but later on sentenced for eight years for manslaughter, was one of the protesters. He said that the lawyers participated in the march because they wanted to provoke more people to join the 1/July rally. He also claimed that he did not receive a fair trial when he was charged for murder.

Fu Chan-chung, founder of “Defend Hong Kong Campaign”, and some likeminded individuals protested outside the High Court with their loudspeakers. They shouted throughout the protest accusing all lawyers as “legal crocks”, and the non-ethnic-Chinese lawyers as “foreign slaves”. They also called Civic Party as traitors and swore practically non-stop, whilst showing their support to China’s recent White Paper.

Ambrose Lam San-keung, President of Law Society of Hong Kong, expressed his support for the White Paper and triggered the lawyers’ silent march. Junius Ho Kwan-yiu, who was once the president of the Law Society, also called for a demonstration to support the White Paper yesterday with around 10 people participated. The group of White Paper supporters arrived 45 minutes late and left around ten minutes after they arrived.

Shi Junlong and his people hoisted a banner which says “determine to bring down the running dogs in the legal sector and get rid of the traitors in the legal space”. He and his fellow protesters stressed that no judges are under pressure, “if a judge is under pressure, he would have come out himself, right? The government demanding every citizen to love the country is perfectly normal!” He also said that the lawyers marched today only because they wanted to get more people to protest on 1/July.

Shi Junlong was the main offender of the Immigration Building arson case in 2000. He was convicted of murder and sentenced for life. However, after appeal, he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced for eight years. He was repatriated to China in 2005 after he was released. Six years later (2011), Shi was granted his one-way-permit and successfully became a citizen of Hong Kong, where he killed two men. Yesterday, Shi denied that he benefited from Hong Kong’s independent judiciary and said that his trial was unfair.

Activist Lui Yuk-lin who supported Shi to fight for his Hong Kong residency said she is disappointed in Shi, “if the judges love China just like he said and there was no independent judiciary in Hong Kong, he could still be in prison!” A citizen also said that, “you would have been sentenced to death in China for killing two people. Only because of our independent judiciary your life is spared and you had the second chance to learn to be a good person!”



One response to “Murderer Shi Junlong Protests Against Lawyers’ Silent March

  1. Absolutely, imagine if he had set fire to the Entry-Exit Administration building in Shenzhen and killed two mainland officers. He would have received a bullet to the head in a field somewhere. Clearly this man has intelligence problems or perhaps the best sense of irony.

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