HK Academy for Performing Arts Students Sends Carrie Lam Special Graduation

Apple Daily

26th June, 2014

HK Academy for Performing Arts Students Sends Carrie Lam Special Graduation



Carrie Lam-Cheung Yuet-ngor, acting Chief Executive, attended Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ (APA) graduation ceremony today as the honourable guest. A number of students crossed their arms to salute Lam as they went on stage. Some of the students did not bow to Lam but bowed at the guests off the stage with their backs facing Lam. Lam showed almost no response to the students’ action and kept smiling.

Professor Adrian Walter of APA interrupted the ceremony and asked students to respect the ceremony and said that he is disappointed in the action of some students, but he also emphasised that it is not a problem for students to have their own opinion. He added that this is something that he had never seen in the past 30 years which made him sad.

Towards the end of the graduation ceremony, some students torn the White Paper apart and held up signs that say “Gov Forces People to Rebel” as a protest. A group of graduates stood up to sign the Cantonese rendition of Do You Hear the People Sing to express their demand for a genuine universal suffrage in front of Lam. Walter, probably thought that the ceremony was not going as planned, accompanied Lam to leave the stage before the the ceremony was concluded.

After the ceremony, a student said, “bow at a shameless person for the sake of ‘harmony’? I’m sorry I just can’t do it!”

Last year, some APA graduates refused to bow to CY Leung who was the honourable guest at the ceremony then.

A video captures the highlight is available here.


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