Rioters? We are Merely Defending Our Land!

Passion Times

14th June, 2014

Rioters? We are Merely Defending Our Land!


Passion Times

Long story short, I have not watched Hong Kong local television for a while, but I would switch to the news channel when major events happen just to see how China controls Hong Kong’s media and how the local media censor the news. As always, local news channels report on the recent protest in a biased manner, all coverage on the protest was negative. They are pro-China media, so what do you expect? The news channels cleverly skip explaining why there are so many people in Hong Kong are against the HKSAR Government’s policies (the recent protest is against the Northeast New Territories Development Plan), and spend most of the airtime on how protestors are “disrupting the peacefulness of the society”. This type of propaganda highlights the fact that media in Hong Kong is no longer the fourth estate in this society but is part of the propaganda machine that promotes what the regime and China want you to see.

The HKSAR Government has been spending our hard-earned tax money on promoting the Northeast New Territories Development Plan (NENT Plan) by painting a beautiful picture: the NENT Plan is about destroying the rare natural habitat and farmland in Hong Kong’s Northeast area to attract Chinese (from across the border) and anchor babies to move to Hong Kong, it is about speeding up the “assimilation” between Hong Kong and China by eliminating the border, and rooting out the last chance for Hong Kong to become more self-sufficient. The HKSAR government, however, glorifies this plan by claiming that the Plan could “provide more land for Hongkongers’ needs” but anyone who tries to dig out more information will surely find that this is a complete and utter lie! This tactic is in line with China’s long adopted method – just like how redefined the “Long Escape” by renaming it as the “Long March”, and renamed “4/June Massacre” as “4/June Incident”. Hong Kong’s Communist controlled HKSAR Government has learned from its master! The NENT Plan is in fact a “Destroy Hong Kong Plan”. Hongkongers only look at the headlines without reading the content, this behaviour or habit suits a dictator’s taste perfectly!

All the news reports focus on how “violent” the protestors were, vandalising public assets, all the government officials and China quislings rushed out to claim that they regret what happened and condemn the protestors’ violence. The truth is, I regret to see my tax money going into your well puffed-up wallets! Vandalising public assets? Those are the things that tax payers paid for! The HKSAR Government is destroying Hong Kong’s NENT which will eventually destroy the whole of Hong Kong, a small amount of public assets are certainly worth way less than that, correct? Saying that protestors are irrational and not peaceful? How long have Hongkongers been peaceful and rational, and tolerated all these unjust plans? The government has never listened to the people when Hongkongers are rational and peaceful over all these years! We are sick and tired of these political speeches and lies. What the HKSAR government and China’s quislings have been saying is no different from telling a rape crime victim to keep his/her mouth shut and stop struggling because the rapist and the passersby would be interrupted! How could Hongkongers not be angry when they watch traitors of Hong Kong walk all over us?

However, there are always people who never take part in protests and refuse to look at the fact that Hong Kong is becoming a Communist colony, who come out and label protestors as rioters who cause chaos – they are the accomplices of China’s Communist Party. During lunch, I overheard those Hongkongers who are indulging themselves talking about the stock market and TV dramas suddenly talking about politics! They complained that the lawmakers should not have left their seats and sat in front of the chairman of the Financial Committee, and accuse the protestors of being violent. They finished their chat with one classic slave’s comment: “Hong Kong now belongs to China, there is no point in protesting.” They thought they saw everything clearly, but they did not know that the way they view the protests and some of the lawmakers are worse than the crimes of the CCP and Hong Kong’s China quislings. Most of these Hongkongers are brainwashed by the HKSAR Government’s advertisements (NB: advertisements that are paid for with our tax money) to believe that the NENT Plan is for the good of Hongkongers. Hong Kong belongs to Hongkongers, not China!

Following orders? You are being punched a dozen times, and you should not fight back to defend yourself? China wants all the Hongkongers (or Kong-sheep) to follow their orders  and jump into the Victoria Harbour one after one, will Hongkongers follow the order?

There have been too many peaceful and rational protests in Hong Kong, and the regime has done nothing but ignore the people’s voice. How could we condemn those who are brave enough to challenge the system? Last night (13/June), some villagers, students, ordinary citizens and political organisations, ignoring all the conflicts they might have had in the past, fought up front! Were they rioters? Or they were simply citizens of Hong Kong with a sense of justice and righteousness?

These protestors are labeled as rioters because they want to defend their land. It is not the time for the government to forbid the people from doing things that will destroy Hong Kong, but it is the time when the people want to stop the government from doing something that will destroy Hong Kong! A government is a body that collects your tax and manages the country on your behalf, citizens of a country PAY the officials to run it. The people are the genuine bosses of a country. If corrupt officials take bribes to ruin your home and let invaders come in, then the people have the right to sack them! If they rob the people, the people have the right to take everything back!

A bunch of robbers are rushing into your village to rob and rape, villagers who normally are craftsmen and farmers pick up their weapons to defend the village. Are these villagers rioters? Even if you say, “of course they are”, who turned these villagers into “rioters”?

Hongkongers are being walked all over. We have to defend ourselves. I finally saw many sheep in Hong Kong have finally realised that they are “human beings” and are trying to stop the Plan that will destroy Hong Kong. Even though we have to stand on our own two feet, we must understand that Hongkongers are still a disadvantaged group of people in light of the oh-so-powerful China, and we need to cry out for help. Indeed, help may not come, but we must shout and make a sound. We have to tell the world that a genocide is being carried out in Hong Kong. The international media is being penetrated by China without their knowing (just look at the number of Chinese and pro-China journalists in the media that cover Hong Kong issues), but we can still try to raise awareness using the internet – e-petitions. We have to voice our opinion and discontent about the White Paper which China issued recently, demanding that the international world put pressure on China in accordance with the Sino-British Joint Declaration (a treaty registered with the UN) and urge the British government to take responsibility for Hong Kong, a crown colony for over 100 years. Tell the world what is truly happening in Hong Kong.

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