Gov Warns that Protestors at LegCo are Rehearsing for Occupy Central, Groups Says: Legislature’s Violence is the Cause for Protests!

Apple Daily

16th June, 2014

Gov Warns that Protestors at LegCo are Rehearsing for Occupy Central, Groups Says: Legislature’s Violence is the Cause of Protests!



Chief Executive CY Leung and a number of senior government officials have publicly condemned the protest outside the Legislative Council (LegCo) last Friday and that the protestors were violent. An “unnamed source” from the Government also told the media that six groups of protestors who tried to storm into LegCo were rehearsing Occupy Central. Eight groups of people including villagers from Northeast New Territories (NENT) who are affected by the NENT Development Plan denied that any of the actions taken on Friday evening was planned. They also said that their actions were caused by the violence inside the Legislative Council: Financial Committee Chairman Ng Leung-sing restrict the speaking time of lawmakers at the debate; forcing legitimate filibuster to end; and the HKSAR Government insist on pushing forward the NENT Development Plan despite the public objections. The groups demand CY Leung’s government to withdraw the Plan before Friday or they may return to continue their struggle at the LegCo.

Around 50 villagers from NENT and individuals from anti-NENT Development Plan groups called for a press conference yesterday at the LegCo, which made the LegCo’s security very nervous. Each villager and group was accompanied by a lawmaker to enter the LegCo building.

Ms Cheuk Kai-kai, a member of League of Fanling North Villages and Residents, said that the general public does not support the NENT Development Plan but CY Leung and its government insists on pushing it forward. In addition, Ng Leung-sing’s biased judgement at the Financial Committee debates and restricting lawmakers from speaking up for the people infuriated the 1,500 protestors outside LegCo on Friday. She also stressed that protestors’ actions are directly caused by the government’s ignorance of people’s will and the violence within the legislature: “it is the system that is violent and unjust. Our goal is to stop the NENT Plan funding to be approved by the Financial Committee.”

Lee Siu-wah from Kwu Tung North Development Concern Group, a group that was condemned by the “unnamed government source”, said that he was born and raised in the village and questioned the government uses trickery to divide villagers from NENT and Hong Kong citizens. “Hongkongers should look at how HKSAR Government and some of the lawmakers treat Hong Kong citizens! They are using legislative violence to approve the funding for this plan.” Lee also denied that the protestors who attempted to storm into the LegCo had any plan to do so, “the bamboos the protestors used had been there for a while. If we had planned to storm into the building, we would have bought other equipments.”

Lee also said that many suspect that plain-clothes police were sent to spy on protestors. He said that around 10pm that night, he was helping some of the villagers to get on the coach and three plain-clothes police officers were watching him closely, “we were only arranging the villagers to get on the coach and we are not rioters, is that really necessarily?” Hong Kong Federation of Students, another group that was openly condemned by the government’s unnamed source, said that they hope the public will not focus on the “radical and violent” labels the government tried put on the protestors. They urged the public to look into the reasons that caused the protests. Land Justice League also hoped that people in Hong Kong would begin to question the violence inside the legislature and the dysfunctional system in Hong Kong, rather than focusing on the images the government and some media try to project on the protestors.

Villagers from NENT and groups supporting their cause shouted a number of slogans including “LegCo fails, people to save themselves” and “no withdraw, no end to struggle”. The protestors demanded the government to withdraw the NENT Development Plan by Friday or they would protest at the LegCo again. Ms Au Hei-man, another member of League of Fanling North Villages and Residents, said in tears that, “villagers asked me to tell the people who supported us on Friday and those who are arrested something: when the world becomes unjust and the weak and disadvantaged are being bullied, thanks to you all to show us the light. Please take good care of yourself and prepare for the future protests. We want to express our utmost gratitude.”


Please watch the video of the original link:

0:20 – Assistant at the office of lawmaker Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung told his experience at the press conference: when we were taken to the police vehicle, the police told us that they are from the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau. Then, they immediately switched off all the lights and closed all the curtains inside the vehicle. The five of us were beaten by the police consitantly

0:35 – Assistant at the office of lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung shared his experience: the police demanded the protestors to loudly confirm that the injuries on their hands are eczema before the protestors are allowed to leave the police vehicle. I don’t know if anyone would believe what I said…The two assistants did not participate in the attempt to storm into the LegCo, and Cheung’s assistant was wearing a LegCo staff card as well.

1:21 – that police officer also said that he hurt himself because he was beating the protestors too fast and too hard when throwing multiple punches at the protestors, and his hands was caught by the handcuffs on the protestors.


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