Anti-NENT Protestors: Police Said They’re There to Cause Chaos

Apple Daily

16th June, 2014

Anti-NENT Protestors: Police Said They’re there to Cause Chaos



A number of anti-Northeast New Territories Development Plan (NENT Plan) protestors were removed from the protest by the police. Jaco Chow from 土地民化陣線 (no English name found), Wong Wing-chi, assistant from lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung’s office, and Chow Chun-yu, social worker and assistant from lawmaker Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung’s office, testified in a press conference that they were beaten and spat on by the police inside their vehicle. Jaco Chow said in an interview that he was dragged away by his neck in the middle of speaking over to the microphone and was taken to a police vehicle immediately. He said that some other protestors were inside the vehicle as well. The lights were switched off inside the car and the police began to accuse them as triad members and questioned them which triad groups they were from. Chow stressed that he had never been beaten by the police after being arrested previously, “a lawyer friend thinks that the police wanted to frame the protestors with all negative images in order to discredit them so no one would believe them in the future.”

Very different from how police handled protests before, on Friday the police did not allow organisers or activists to calm the people. For example, some protestors were very angry that one of the villagers was arrested by the police after finishing hanging up banners. These protestors wanted to rescue the villager, and Chow tried to control the situation but was stopped by a rather senior police officer in white uniform, “I asked the officer if he wants to cause chaos (by stopping him from controlling the dispute), the officer turned to me and said, ‘yes I want to cause chaos here’. I believe there are cameras that capture this dialogue.”



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