“Face It! Hong Kong Belongs to China!”


8th June, 2014

“Face It! Hong Kong Belongs to China!”



Every year, on the day primary one school place allotment is announced, Hong Kong parents burst into tears. Despite the fact of the low birth rate in Hong Kong, the number of eligible students increase. Anchor babies of course is the major contributor to this phenomena. The families of anchor children are based in China, but these anchor children are living with relatives or unrelated people (there are people recruiting anchor babies to live with them and charge the parents) to fight for a school place. North District in Hong Kong, given the proximity to China, is the core battle field. The Education Bureau formulated a “cross-boarder school network” in light of the increasing number of anchor children. Many anchor children are assigned to study in Tuen Mun, Tung Chung, Ma On Shan and Wong Tai Sin – areas that are seen by Hongkongers as “remote” but in fact closer to the Hong Kong/China boarder. Parents of these anchor children are furious!

A Chinese mother said, “it is ridiculous for my child to be given a school place in Tin Shui Wai! This is too far away! I live in Shenzhen Buji, traveling to Tian Shui Wai takes hours! How could my child go to school?” Another one said, “Tuen Mun? Where the hell is Tuen Mun? I have no idea!” They stole from Hong Kong parents and children yet present themselves as victims because a red carpet was not rolled out to greet them. Chinese locusts are the ones who take advantages from others but at the same time complain about not getting enough privileges. There children are very mature too. When they were asked by reporters why they want to study in Hong Kong, they answered as if they have been trained for millions of time that, “Because I’m a Hongkonger!” An ingenious answer indeed! This shows that they are brought up in an environment that encourages to maximise one’s interests and benefits without considering other people’s interests. The anchor children would never say that they want to study in Hong Kong because they believe in the Hong Kong education system, but they resolve with a sentimental answer wishing that other people in the world would show empathy. They are far too “matured”!

Their Chinese parents tell them day in day out that they are Hongkongers, brainwashing them to believe that they are superior to the rest of Chinese people. It is perhaps a surviving instinct that these young children have learnt that an identity would guarantee them privileges so that they can smoothly switch their identity as the situation fits.

Hong Kong children are not guarded with this mind set, though. They are forced to practice different types of “talents”, and will never learn this type of surviving skill. Their counterparts in China have master the “human trafficking skills” at the age of eight and smuggle themselves to Hong Kong and confront trained officers at the Immigration Departments by playing the victim card. They eventually become Hongkongers and gain the public support because of the “struggles” they have been through (or they and their parents put them through). Young Hongkongers are very naive and focus on their skills development and try to be as equipped as possible for the future.

A parent from the North District whose child was not assigned to her desired school and burst into tears in front of cameras. Of course it is sad to see a local Hongkonger for not being able to study near his/her home, but this is a joint-karma of Hongkongers. Long term political ignorance have turned Hongkongers into a race that did not reject the “handover” in 1997 and did not oppose the “Hong Kong-China Assimilation”. Hongkongers have always believe that as long as we keep our heads down and keep quite, we will be rewarded. Hongkongers did not find out, until very recently, that under the “Hong Kong-China Assimilation” master-plan, Chinese are also Hongkongers by law somehow! Hongkongers’ opportunities are Chineses’ opportunities, and the benefits Hong Kong taxpayers pay for will be allocated to Chinese! This is because Hongkongers obey to the law, but Chinese are good at finding the loopholes.

A Chinese parent said, “Hong Kong is now part of China, so we should all be equal on every sense! You cannot say that Chinese are not qualified for some of the benefits because a civilised world would not allow this to happen!”

What a beautiful speech! When benefits are in front of them, Chinese are great at upholding the universal values and civilisation – even though some Hongkongers think that Chinese do not know what universal values are and they do not know what happened in 4/June and believe that it is their responsibilities to build a democratic China.

What should Hong Kong parents do? You will be the next! Maybe you have escaped the primary one allotment, but what about the secondary school and university allotments your children will face? Your children will not be able to compete with the Chinese “international” students regardless how many different musical instruments they play. Just like humans cannot beat beasts in the wild! To win at the start line? Hongkongers should probably start planning for smuggling their children to China and buy a fake “hukou” and smuggle them back to Hong Kong to secure the “privilege” the pseudo-left-wingers strive for!

Export goods are always more valuable than goods for domestic consumption. When you turn your child into an anchor baby, there are tones of NGOs who are backed by the HKSAR Government and pseudo-left-wingers who devote themselves to help and support the “disadvantaged Chinese (and not other race)”. Getting public housing, getting social benefits, anti “discrimination against Chinese”, etc are all taken care of by them! As long as you give a very sad face on camera when they arrange interviews for you, hide the luxurious items you own, the world will be on your side! Social workers would not dare to trace your background because the public domain is on your side! Every single client of theirs are noble even though they break the law – oh! they are the disadvantaged and forced to break the law! This is why the pseudo-left-wingers and NGOs representatives would encourage people of Hong Kong to “target the policies”! They would never ask you to protest against their income source, would they?

To be honest, I see no way out for Hongkongers besides smuggling their children to China and smuggling them back to Hong Kong and pretend to be anchor-babies in order to get the benefits that will be guaranteed by these “left-wingers”.


2 responses to ““Face It! Hong Kong Belongs to China!”

  1. makes me sick when I hear what stupid shit can come out from their mouths… as a women maybe I could understand a mother’s need for a child better future but at least contribute to the place you’re using, why locals need to pay taxes for a child that parent doesn’t pay, doesn’t want to contribute in any way. Just take, take, take. besides if they are nice enough to give you place in a school, take it and be happy, it’s you who made child travel so much. you crossed a boarded just to give a birth in HK and take advantage, so now just close your pie-hole

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