What has 4/June Taught Hongkongers?

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7th May, 2014

What has 4/June Taught Hongkongers?



Early morning on 4th June, 1989, the People’s Liberation Army was sent to Tiananmen Square. Images of tanks and soldiers marching in and the sound of gun shots were shown on the televisions of almost every single family in Hong Kong. It was eight years before 1997, the year when Hong Kong’s sovereignty was to be handed over to China. Tanks crushed Hongkongers’ dream that China’s political advancement would follow its economic advancement: China pointed its own guns at its own people. It all happened soon after the Sino-British Joint Declaration was finalised: China’s leaders’ promises of “one-country-two-systems, Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong, a high-degree of autonomy, unchanged for 50-years” were still ringing in people’s ears. CCP sees constitutions and international treaties as a bunch of papers that they can revise and reinterpret anytime, anyway they please. To the CCP, signing an agreement or a treaty is only a plan of convenience that will help the CCP to manipulate laws in order to serve the Party’s interests.

From 4/June/1989, Hongkongers became the orphan of Asia: The Sino-British Joint Declaration had been signed, the CCP threatened Hongkongers every now and then, the British government appeared to have given up. Hong Kong had no choice but to accept its fate as written by others. However, 4/June/1989 could have been a turning point for Hong Kong if, back then, Hongkongers had realised that Hong Kong had been abandoned, and demanded that the United Nations and the western world overrule the treaty giving Hong Kong to China based on humanitarian concerns: Hongkongers could have had the chance to change their fate. However, the privileged Hongkongers who visited London on behalf of Hong Kong did not demand the right of self-determination for Hongkongers, but instead increased the quota for Hongkongers to immigrate to the UK, so that they could secure a safe exit for their families and friends.

Hongkongers are a sorry bunch of people but at the same time they are contemptible, because Hongkongers seem to have a motto that is best described a poem written by the last emperor of the southern Tang dynasty, Li Yu, who indulged himself in the illusion of peace and ignored the threat of invaders. Hongkongers who are born and raised in Hong Kong have no power to become the true owners of their land – however, not many find this ridiculous. Self-determination was not something that was mentioned much in Hong Kong back then. No matter how much we recognise ourselves as Hongkongers, not many of us seem willing to say out loud “I’m a Hongkonger and not a Chinese” – Hongkongers seem to live under the shadow of the word “Chinese”. Even after being sold like cattle, Hongkongers still refuse to face the reality that is staring them right in the face. No one could be as contemptible as Hongkongers.

On 21st May, 1989, over one million Hongkongers marched on the streets of Hong Kong to support the student movement in Beijing. HK Alliance was established on the same day. One million people in 1989 represented 1/6 of the total population of Hong Kong. In any city in the world, had 1/6 of its population marched on the street, the government would have collapsed. If Hongkongers back then were more rational and thought about their future, they would have come to the conclusion that instead of betting their future on students in Beijing, they should have negotiated with the British government. According to secret files that have only recently been declassified, public polling back then revealed that during the negotiation between Britain and China, the majority of Hongkongers supported the status quo. However, under the direction of the HK Alliance, Hongkongers went to an extremely different path: they wagered Hong Kong’s future by tying it to the fate of Beijing’s students, voluntarily throwing themselves as offerings into the eternal flame of “building a democratic China”. By tying Hong Kong’s democratic path to China’s, Hong Kong missed the last opportunity to escape from the CCP’s evil grasp. At the same time, Hongkongers adopted some sort of collective survivors’ guilt (escape from the massacre), hence Hongkongers suffer from a great degree of grief over the 25 years’ struggle with the CCP.

Perhaps it is karma: Because Hong Kong made its wealth in part from being a slave trading port over a hundred years ago, recent generations of Hongkongers must redeem the sin by becoming slaves in China’s colony. The Sino-British Joint Declaration was a perfect finale for Britain which retreated from an international and modern financial centre which it built, and at the same time offered China the perfect diplomatic trophy to show off to the Chinese. Hongkongers, however, gained nothing but a few empty promises, shock and consternation. The Sino-British Joint Declaration is in fact one of the biggest confidence tricks in human history, and one of the most infamous treaties in the international diplomatic canon.

In Hong Kong, the meaning of 4/June should be looked at jointly with the Sino-British Joint Declaration. 4/June Massacre is the event that best showcased the ironic nature of the Joint Declaration: The CCP sees it as a “used once and forgotten” tool. The British disregarded the fact that the CCP is a barbaric, out-dated and autocratic regime, and surrendered their principles: rationality, humanity and balance of power, giving a civilised Hong Kong to a brutal regime, ultimately no different to handing Jews over to Hitler.

Since 1989, the British government has promised the world that the Sino-British Joint Declaration would protect the rights of Hongkongers after 1997. However, before 1997, and only five years after the Joint Declaration was signed, CCP gave the British government a big fat slap on the face by sending its army to crack down on Tiananmen Square. This nation of gentlemen elegantly denounced such an act, imposed sanctions on China, and tried to speed up the democratic advancement of Hong Kong and liberalise the civil service. In terms of the post-1997 future of Hong Kong, the gentlemen could only bid Hongkongers farewell and say “May God bless you”. The CCP back then was surrounded by internal and external troubles: on the one hand, they had to suppress domestic dissent, but on the other they had to ‘comfort” Hongkongers as they worried that Hongkongers would rebel against the handover sovereignty. The 4/June Massacre was a prank played on Hong Kong, Britain and China by God above – the only ones that can’t laugh at this prank are Hongkongers because after all guns and tanks are no joke at all.

Therefore, the meaning of 4/June is not “building a democratic China”, nor “demanding the CCP to reverse the wrongful verdict on 4/Junemovement”. To Hong Kong, 4/June massacre represents a missed opportunity: 4/June/1989 was the last chance Hongkongers had to cut off from China before the handover, but because of the ignorance and selfishness of the influential and powerful people combined with the “Hong Kong and China is a community of shared destiny” opiate of the masses sentiment which HK Alliance spread across Hong Kong, Hong Kong fell into the evil hands of the CCP. Looking back, Hong Kong being controlled by the CCP is somehow determined by fate. Hong Kong has its own destiny. Should Hong Kong become a city-state in the future, 4/June should be rebranded as “National Humiliation Day” because on the same day 25 years ago Hongkongers were foolish enough to be misled into believing that Hong Kong and China are a community of shared destiny, and ignored the historical fact that Hong Kong and China were separate and had been on completely different paths for over a century and a half. On that very day, Hongkongers cravenly believed that the signing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration meant that everything Hong Kong had would be untouchable by the CCP – they failed to logically think that given the CCP had committed a crime against humanity once, it could easily do so again in Hong Kong after it took Hong Kong over. Hongkongers knew of the CCP’s cunning, but refused to bring it to the international level to fight for self-determination. On that day, Hongkongers were so selfish that even though they shouted “the dictatorship will end” they were planning to emigrate. On that day, Hongkongers’ ignorance, cowardice and selfishness caused our suffering today. Hongkongers should remember, always, that we should never be ignorant, cowardly and selfish again. This is the true meaning of 4/June.

4/June also taught Hongkongers the nature of the CCP. CCP-Hong Kong is in a different situation from that which British India faced: There is a common belief among Hongkongers that following Gandhi’s example by carrying out hunger strikes and stressing the peaceful and rational nature of demonstrations will bring respect and sympathy to Hong Kong. This is a fallacy: In point of historical fact, the major reasons for which the British left India were due to the financial pressures of WW2 and the fact that the Americans, as a condition of lend-lease, demanded that Britain surrender its colonial possessions. Hence the deal with Muhammad Ali Chinniah of the All India Muslim League to establish the separate Muslim state of Pakistan, which would remain on friendly terms with Britain, ensuring that it retained a foothold in the Far East.

As if this were not proof enough, the students’ blood shed on 4/June has shown us all that conducting peaceful and rational protests against an autocracy will only lead to deaths of the people not the regime. HK Alliance has been playing the same cards for 25 years, year-after-year they have managed to mobilise people to follow their shows because of the habits the original founders forced upon on Hongkongers through brainwashing. Showing your enemy your gentle side is an invitation for them to murder you. It is fine if HK Alliance’s leadership want to be killed, but they should not bring the well-established systems and people of Hong Kong with them.

The nature of the CCP is fierce on the outside but weak on the inside. The only way to deal with people of this nature – like any bullies – is not to reason with them, but to expose their weaknesses and faults to the world, humiliate them and shame them. This will bring them down on their knees. This approach is not only effective on the CCP but also on its slaves and quislings. Sharp minds, logic and righteousness are the keys to success in combating CCP.


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