To Truly Commemorate 4/June, One Must Not Go to Victoria Park

Passion Times

25th April, 2014

To Truly Commemorate 4/June, One Must Not Go to Victoria Park



On 4/June/1989, CCP’s People’s Liberation Army used tanks and armoured vehicles to drive out the students at Tiananmen Square. Guns and tanks were aimed at unarmed students. A peaceful student movement ended in bloodshed. From that day onwards, the pan-democrats in Hong Kong have joined force with HK Alliance every year on the night of 4/June at Victoria Park to commemorate the dead in Tiananmen Square.

The 4/June Vigil had been going on for 25 years, and every year, a number of political figures give speeches and lead the crowd in chanting familiar slogans, including “reverse the wrongful verdict on 4/June” and “build a democratic China”. Does HK Alliance truly want these demands to be answered or are they leveraging these “slogans” for their own political gains?

In recent years, localism has boomed in Hong Kong. Completely different from the Greater China Unification belief the pan-democrats cling onto, localists encourage people to stand tall and fight for and protect the interests of Hongkongers: housing, education, medical, Hong Kong’s democracy, rule of law and freedoms are only some of the issues localists work on. The birth of localism in Hong Kong is directly caused by the challenges, if not threats, to public resources and benefits posed by non-locals, and the majority of these non-locals are Chinese people. They use different means, some uncivilised, to take advantage of the limited resources and benefits supported by Hong Kong tax payers: medical facilities, formula powder, kindergarten spaces, university spaces, social benefits, public housing, public facilities, daily necessities, food – the list goes on. Localism in Hong Kong means resisting foreign invasion and the disruption of Hongkongers’ livelihood. At the same time it is a struggle for true democracy in which future Chief Executives are not only elected by the people but also nominated by the people (civil nomination). The reason for pushing for civil nomination is that only a government that is elected by the people will put local’s interests first, since they are the representatives of the people and are accountable to the people.

However, the politicians from the pan-democratic camp are obsessed with the Greater China Unification ideology and put the interests of their parties first. In every Legislative Council election, “reverse the wrongful verdict on 4/June” is included in their election manifestos, as if this slogan is the “holy grail” for securing their seats. They do not care about the interests of Hongkongers, but they hold up the nationalistic “we are all Chinese” card and ask Hongkongers to “tolerate” everything Chinese do to Hong Kong, even if they plan their moves with the full intention of exploiting Hong Kong’s system. When it comes to Chief Executive election and political reform, pan-democrats, especially the Democratic Party, blatantly ignore Hongkongers’ interests. At the meeting with their fellow members of the Alliance for True Democracy, the Democratic Party supported the “Three-Pronged-Proposal” (i.e. Civil Nomination, Political Party Nomination and Nomination by Nominating Committee), but in the press conference immediately after the meeting, they backed away from the essential “civil nomination” principle. The Democratic Party’s Chairman Emily Lau Wai-hing said in public that, “even if civil nomination is not included in the political reform proposal, we (the Democratic Party) may accept the universal suffrage proposal”. Their disrespect of Hongkongers’ basic rights to a truly democratic election has completely destroyed Hongkongers faith in them.

To bring back to the topic of 4/June, if one wishes to commemorate 4/June, one must not go to the Victoria Park vigil because the annual Vigil is an event which this group of Greater China Unification supporters have monopolised for the past 25 years. Localism has begun to grow from last year, but the Greater China Unification camp is determined to uproot localism in Hong Kong in order to secure their personal political interests. They set the last vigil’s theme as “Loving China and Loving People is the True Hong Kong Spirit”, perfectly in line with CCP’s propaganda of blind patriotism. However, given the intensifying conflicts between Hong Kong and China, in the eyes of Hongkongers, “Love China” means to stop repelling Chinese and to unconditionally tolerate and accept all of their uncivilised and barbaric behaviour and words. If we continue to commemorate 4/June in Victoria Park, we are endorsing these individuals and political parties who betray democracy and the interests of the people in Hong Kong, in essence, strengthening their monopoly in the political arena. Do we honestly want to be used by these politicians and be the tools to help them achieve their selfish political goals? NEVER!

Of course people should commemorate the dead of the 4/June massacre, but we should not attend a candlelit vigil that is the tool of political figures and politicians. This commemoration belongs to the people and should be initiated by the people, not politicians. Last year, when candles were lit on 4/June in Victoria Park, and when political figures on the stage started to count the number of attendees and patted themselves on the back for the number of “supporters”, a group of youngsters held a commemoration in Tsim Sha Tsui near the Clock Tower. They also lit candles, but they did not ask the murder regime to reverse the wrongful verdict on 4/June movement, they are against the CCP and deny the legitimacy of the CCP. We should support commemorations like this – of the 4/June massacre as a crime against humanity – initiated by the people, from their hearts, with no political interests attached.

HK Alliance and politicians from the pan-democratic camp, in particular the Democratic Party, have been gaining support from Hongkongers in elections over two decades. They have benefitted politically from 4/June since 1989, an old asset they’ve played up for 25 years. HK Alliance, the Democratic Party and the like have been using the students and their blood that was shed in Tiananmen Square as their political assets. To commemorate those students and to show them respect, one must stop supporting and clinging on these organisations and politicians.

Some worry that calling for people to not attend the Victoria Park vigil will reduce the number of people commemorating this tragedy – a sight that the CCP would be glad to see. This is very wrong! The CCP wishes Hongkongers to continue attending this annual vigil, year after year, as the vigil does absolutely no harm to the CCP’s regime. On the contrary, if the majority of the people in Hong Kong quit this “habit” and initiated their own commemorations that focused on anti-CCP sentiment, branding it rightly as a killing regime, as the theme of their commemorations, the CCP will certainly be intimidated by the genuine people’s power.

The CCP would be pleased, if not actually laughing, to see Hongkongers carry on participating in the HK Alliance’s vigil shouting exactly the same empty slogans and dispersing peacefully after a few hours. Boycotting HK Alliance’s customary ceremony and refusing to be manipulated by fake democrats, is the way to truly dedicate oneself to building a democratic Hong Kong, and fight against CCP’s autocracy.

Localism is a spark that will light a prairie fire!

To commemorate 4/June your way, boycott HK Alliance’s Vigil!


2 responses to “To Truly Commemorate 4/June, One Must Not Go to Victoria Park

  1. I don’t even think Chinese do care..there culture is me and me and me only!!!!

    just today one girl killed in a restaurant among dozen people just watch, seems enjoy!!!! weird

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