The Aim of the 4/June Commemoration is the Fall of CCP

Passion Times

29th April, 2014

The Aim of the 4/June Commemoration is the Fall of CCP



Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China (HK Alliance) has monopolised the 4/June Vigil for over two decades. Year after year, they chant empty slogans. This is no different from delivering Hong Kong into the devil’s hands.

Two-decades-long self-degrading annual commemoration achieves nothing

Every year HK Alliance chant “end one-party autocracy” – but who will end it? Will the people overthrow it? Or do they wish that a Gorbachev will arise from the CCP’s ranks? Rather than this empty chant, it is a lot more direct and proactive to focus on “the fall of the CCP”. HK Alliance hopes that the CCP will recategorise “4/June riot” as a “4/June democratic movement”, but in doing so they legitimise the CCP’s dictatorship and ask us to degrade ourselves by begging for an autocracy to improve. “To build a democratic China”, another slogan HK Alliance repeats year after year, but what have they really done towards this “goal”? Will chanting slogans at an annual vigil achieve it? Falung Gong practitioners’ accusations about the CCP’s organ harvesting, for example, at least has made the Spanish court issue a warrant for Jiang Zemin’s arrest. In over two decades, the empty slogans HK Alliance leads Hongkongers to chant are no different from the blind patriots’ chant of “long live PRC” – both empty slogans!

To fight for democracy, one must be anti-CCP

As a member of the opposition camp in Hong Kong, and a believer in democracy, one must be determined to fight against the CCP’s interference in Hong Kong and to reinstate the Basic Law which has been “reinterpreted” to death by the CCP. One must also monitor the “One-Country-Two-Systems” policy, and the “self-governing” and “high degree of autonomy” promises. In 2004, the CCP first “re-inerpreted” the Basic Law”. In 2007, during a closed-door meeting of the NPC, the political reforms detailed in the Basic Law were twisted (or in the CCP’s terminology, re-interpreted). China re-wrote the Basic Law without consensus. Pan-democrats in Hong Kong should have led Hongkongers to rewrite the Basic Law – Hong Kong’s constitution – on their own terms. However, HK Alliance and the pan-democrats dare not raise this with the CCP. Now that the CCP’s determination to colonise Hong Kong is obvious, Hongkongers should focus their energy on fighting the CCP.

To commemorate 4/June is to continue the status of Hong Kong as an anti-Communist base

Hence, the annual 4/June commemoration reminds Hongkongers of two things: (1) Hongkongers must continue to denounce the CCP, a regime that kills its own people; (2) if we do not resist CCP’s regime, we will meet the fate of the students and civilians at the 1989 massacre. Hong Kong is in close proximity to China: If we are determined to fight for democracy, the only target for our battle must be the CCP. Therefore, the only theme for Hongkongers’ 4/June commemoration can be anti-CCP. In July 1989, an article in People’s Daily said that “Hong Kong is the base of anti-Communist sentiment”. This is true, and Hong Kong has always been the base for this sentiment! The purpose of every annual vigil is to maintain this status even though, due to realpolitik this ideal may not be achieved in the near future. However, we shall defend Hong Kong, a civilised and dynamic society, and we shall defend our core values: freedom of speech and rule of law.

We must stop HK Alliance’s 4/June Vigil monopoly

The annual 4/June Vigil organised by HK Alliance will only lead Hong Kong’s democratic movement in the wrong direction. HK Alliance, Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union and the Democratic Party are de facto one organisation. The annual Vigil also functions as a pre-election campaign for the Democratic Party which has achieved close to nothing in over two decades: Hong Kong has yet to have true democracy. In 2010, the Democratic Party entered a closed-door negotiation with the Liaison Office** which enlarged and legitimised the non-democratic functional constituency. Hongkongers should reposition 4/Jun Vigil in our own name, rooted locally. Most importantly, as a fight for true democracy and freedom, and to expel any sort of interference, including that of the CCP!


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