Hongkongers Must Commemorate 4/June

Passion Times

16th April, 2014

Hongkongers Must Commemorate 4/June



Localism has begun to bloom in Hong Kong in recent years. Many Hongkongers who were wholehearted supporters of the Greater China Unification ideology have become localists who focus on Hong Kong issues and interests. However, debates amongst the localists never stop. For example: the debate over whether the focus should be on removing the absolute power the Democratic Party enjoys over “Hong Kong democracy” or on fighting against the CCP’s puppet Hong Kong SAR Government; also the debate over whether Hongkongers should focus on reducing the benefits Chinese new immigrants enjoy (which are in fact privileges compared to new immigrants of any other nation) or to focus on amending the Basic Law to take back the One-Way-Permit approval right. These debates are beneficial to Hong Kong localism and localists have sound arguments and have solid reasons and facts to back these arguments up. The debate around the 4/June commemoration is probably the most controversial of all: localists have expressed a wide range of views some believe that retaining the status quo (i.e. attending the annual Victoria Park Vigil) is not a big deal; some localists think that Hongkongers should not fixate on the 4/June commemoration from an nationalistic point of view, but instead should see it as one of the international events that global citizens should remember. I believe that Hongkongers should continue to commemorate 4/June but with a completely different mindset – neither from a nationalistic perspective nor as an outsider. Hongkongers should commemorate 4/June because it is one of the best platforms to communicate Hong Kong localism. The obsession with Greater China Unification is deeply rooted amongst many Hongkongers – not least because so many fled the Cultural Revolution in China to settle here. To localists, the most valuable thing about 4/June is to communicate the ideas of “localism” to the people. To many, localists come across brutal and unreasonable, from “anti-locusts protests”, “true-patriots’ protests” to the “anti-Mandarin as a medium-of-instruction campaign“. They think that Chinese tourists should not be “disrupted” by Hongkongers, they even think that it is better to have their children learn the Chinese language using Mandarin, instead of their mother tongue – Cantonese (despite the fact that Cantonese derives from the Tang dynasty and is hence a more ancient and legitimately “Chinese” (or Han) source than the artificial simplified script and Manchurian-putonghua that China relies upon today), to learn the Chinese language. To touch their hearts , 4/June is the best platform.

To boil it down, Hongkongers’ anti-sinicisation and anti-brainwashing activities are all about maintaining One-Country-Two-Systems, which is our line in the sand. However, from anchor babies, smugglers of daily necessities, the Democratic Party’s entering a closed-door negotiation on Hong Kong’s political reform with the China Liaison Office, to the pro-Communist camp’s recent comments on implementing Article 23 and China’s National Security Law in Hong Kong, have shown the world that One-Country-Two-Systems no longer exists. 4/June is merely a reminder to Hongkongers that the CCP is a murderous regime. The students from across China who gathered at Tiananmen Square in 1989 only hoped that the CCP Government would cease to be corrupt, tackle inflation and recognise freedoms of speech and the press. They were all patriots – as the American senator George McGovern wrote: “The highest patriotism is not a blind acceptance of official policy, but a love of one’s country deep enough to call her to a higher plain”, however the CCP ignored their love for their country. Deng Xiaoping and the senior officials of the government decided to use violence against them, and thousands of students were killed and injured. 4/June is the best lesson for Hongkongers in the sense that if you volunteer to support, and side with, the CCP and ignore the sinicisation of Hong Kong, massacre is no longer a “distant affair” but something that could happen to your homeland, Hong Kong. Beijing’s 1989 could be Hong Kong’s tomorrow!

Pseudo-left wingers love the idea of “looking things from a different perspective”: when the localists protest that Hong Kong parents cannot buy formula powder for their babies, these pseudo-left wingers would look at the problem from a free market perspective; when localists protest that the number of Chinese students taking Hong Kong university spaces is growing year after year, pseudo-left wingers say competition will lead to improvement. However, we are Hongkongers and we care about the interests of Hong Kong and fellow Hongkongers, the “different perspectives” pseudo-left wingers see burning issues in Hong Kong from are never going to ease the problems. Another commonly used pseudo-left winger argument is the “theory of complexity”: they always claim that an issue is “complex” – in essence, they complicate the issue which confuses the public. Localists, on the other hand, think that these issues are simple if one looks at them from a local perspective. For example, deliberative democracy is difficult to adopt on a national level for a basic political issue, because it is more important for the general public to master other knowledge than political knowledge as they can immediately benefit from the former. Therefore trying to reason with pseudo-left wingers when they accuse localists for being Fascists over international practices, like “Ottawa terminates Immigrant Investor Scheme”, is useless – because the general public will not dig down to the core of the issues. What localism needs is a tool that can “hit the bulls eye”. This is the 4/June Movement. To put it in simple terms, localists’ campaigns against Mandarin as a medium of instruction, against the Individual Visit Scheme, and demanding the right of approval right for One-Way-Permits are all about anti-sinicisation and forced-assimilation because the CCP is a murder-regime. Therefore, if Hongkongers do not wish to see the 4/June massacre to happen in their homeland, they have to join the localism movement.

Ideologies and beliefs need to be spread to the people, and using simple and easy-to-digest explanations is crucial. Hongkongers should commemorate 4/June, but they do not need to “check-in” at Victoria Park which will endorse the monopoly of HK Alliance and its quislings. There is no need to beg the CCP to reverse the wrongful verdict on 4/June because it only legitimises the CCP regime. Hence, we want to overthrow the CCP which is the best testament to those who died in Tiananmen Square. The 4/June commemoration is the best platform to educate Hongkongers about localism: The 4/June commemoration is the best reminder to us all that we should stop wasting our time and energy on pseudo-left wingers, and it is the best platform to show the general public what localism is all about.


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