Prescription for Hong Kong: “Genocide” and “Xenophobia”

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6th May, 2014

Prescription for Hong Kong: “Genocide” and “Xenophobia”



Chiang Wei-shui, a Taiwanese political figure, wrote an article in Japanese entitled “A Clinical Diagnosis of a Patient Named Taiwan” in 1921. In his article, Chiang’s diagnosis of Taiwan back then was a “mentally challenged child” which was caused by “knowledge malnutrition”. However, Chiang said that as Taiwan was kind and pure in nature, and that given appropriate treatment it would recover in no time. Yet, Chiang also said that “with wrong treatments and as time passes, it will become a terminal condition which could subsequently cause death”. His “diagnosis” was discussed at length. Hong Kong, at present, also requires a good physician to prescribe appropriate treatments.

To save Hong Kong, there are no other tools besides “genocide” (to be explained in below) and “xenophobia” (a term the world always uses to label Hongkongers when we express our discontent over how Chinese behave in Hong Kong). These radical and aggressive medicines are needed to tackle the sickness at its core, the ultimate goal is to prevent the patient from delaying treatment further which will eventually cause the patient’s death, hence a heavy dosage is required instead of a temporary relief measure.

Hongkongers’ obsession with order has reached an extreme. However, this obsession is not limited to Hongkongers – in fact, many people who have long enjoyed peace without experiencing any traumatic lessons suffer from the same condition. Since they do not want to “rock the boat”, they suppress all sorts of mild “disorder”. However, like a pressure cooker as steam builds up inside, it will eventually explode. This will push the society into a state whereby “peaceful, rational, non-violent” means will no longer be effective, and the society will face a revolution. Such “patience” which allows the society’s bottom line to be lowered every minute has substantial consequences and could eventually cause the death of Hong Kong – and a rebirth will be impossible. Such patience allows the pseudo-left-wingers to protest based on their utopic, Marxist, vision; and at the same time allows the pan-democrats to pursue their self-appointed role of representing the public in the political arena: Both drastically influence the culture of protesting in Hong Kong. In the end, property hegemony and CCP’s puppet (Hong Kong SAR government) – faced only by these ineffectual opponents – will be able to do as they please: Just like the newly rich in China, they will rip Hongkongers and Hong Kong off all over again and flee afterward. They will not cleave to their duty to save Hong Kong by uniting with the people to fight China’s colonisation. The people of Hong Kong are hence huddled in the corner of a room, where no one can hear their cries for help, awaiting their death sentence.

Hence, Hong Kong requires “genocide”. Genocide, doesn’t mean what the Nazis got up to, or any of those other lessons of history. Instead, it means uniting the disadvantaged in Hong Kong and empowering them to protect themselves by removing the quislings within Hong Kong. At present, most Hongkongers are born and raised in Hong Kong and are not able to emigrate elsewhere. Even though they know their own power, they have yet to figure out how to use it. Although Hong Kong’s resources are being exploited by Chinese, all of the middle-class and grass-roots people in Hong Kong only focus on feeding their own families and spending all their energy on impossible savings plans to buy a shoe-box flat. These difficulties come from ignoring politics.

If their power was redirected, it could become an irresistible force to remove all the current political and social figures, who do not value the interests of Hongkongers, and rebuild Hong Kong’s system. These political and social figures are the ones who live in Hong Kong but have their hearts in China and always strive to help new Chinese immigrants to get more and more social welfare (but at the same time ignoring the needs of the ethnic minorities already living in Hong Kong). They are not in the same boat as Hongkongers: they are the real foreigners to Hong Kong.

Richard Choi Yiu-cheung, Ho Hei-wah and the like, who spend their lives helping Chinese new immigrants to Hong Kong’s social welfare, united with the self-pitying new immigrants like Sze Lai-shan, study the Basic Law in order to find more loopholes to benefit new immigrants from China (not any other ethnicities). They do not study the Basic Law on behalf of Hongkongers, or for any greater good, but only to help Chinese immigrants. They have already successfully helped new immigrants from China to secure the right (or privilege) to Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (allowance) one year after they move to Hong Kong (ordinarily one only becomes eligible for government support after seven years of living in Hong Kong and acquiring permanent resident status). However, they are not going to stop: they announced that they will file a law suit on behalf of Chinese new immigrants in order to qualify them to apply for public housing one year after they arrive Hong Kong, instead of joining the queue of immigrants of any other ethnicity – they claim this as an anti-discrimination move. Meanwhile, the waiting list for public housing for local Hongkongers continues to grow. They do not seem to have common sense: there are limited resources and a government should always give priority to the locals.

Hong Kong is at a tipping point, hence it is not the time for us to focus on taking the moral high ground and to indulge ourselves in nobility. It is time for us to tell those who treat Hongkongers as second class citizens in their own land to leave. Even though we are all Hong Kong citizens, these people have betrayed the majority of Hongkongers by putting the interests of non-locals (although ethnic Chinese) first; they are traitors to Hong Kong. The pseudo-left wingers who side with China and betray Hong Kong always rationalise everything Chinese colonists do, for example: they ignore the fact that most Hong Kong local mothers have busy work lives that prohibit them from breastfeeding: When there was a formula powder shortage, they told Hong Kong mothers that breastfeeding is possible and that it is “all about determination”. But why did they not tell mothers in China that the best way to prevent their children from drinking tainted formula powder is to breastfeed (instead they told off the Hongkongers for being inconsiderate despite the fact that many parents had found it extremely hard to buy formula powder, and that they should breastfeed their children and breastfeeding is “all about determination”)? Hongkongers’ discontent over Chinese immigrants is directly caused by these pseudo-left wingers who blindly preach “tolerance”. The direct result of their actions is the steady build-up of anger amongst the public. From here derives the boycotting of the Chinese (which is substantially different from xenophobia in that it derives from an instinct to self-protection, not from an irrational hatred of an unknown and different race).

The Touch-Base Policy and public demand to limit the amount of Chinese tourists are not xenophobic, they should be seen as “detox” process. China’s colonisation of Hong Kong amounts to force-feeding Hong Kong with all sorts of substances: Hong Kong has no control over of what is being fed, but has to accept everything that is being forced down its throat. A healthy human being has the ability to adjust his diet. As Hongkongers are trying to protect themselves, they selectively ingest substances that are good for them and excrete the toxic substances. This is not discrimination nor xenophobic, but a reasonable and natural reaction. When the food presented to an animal is suspicious, the animal avoids it. Yet even though Hongkongers have no choice when it comes to what is being forced down their gullets, Hongkongers’ right to excrete harmful substances is being denied by China (and quite possibly the world). Hong Kong is being forced against human nature to eat everything that is being forced down its throat whilst being forbidden to reject substances that are harmful to it.

China’s national condition is something for Chinese to worry about: Hong Kong, as an international society, should strive to live up to international standards instead of lowering its standards to match China’s. Democratic societies should never order their people to accept their inability to resolve pressing issues and demand that they give the ruling power more time to resolve social problems: When Watergate was exposed, President Nixon insisted that he was innocent, but the public did not show any mercy and did not tolerate the scandal even though no direct evidence pointed at him, an elected president. Subsequently, President Nixon resigned and his political career went down the drain.

This is because in Western and democratic countries, people are the true rulers, whilst the governments and officials are their servants (though it may not always look that way, that is the substance of the relationship). The people give governments and their officials the power to govern, hence it is absurd for the government to demand people’s tolerance time and time again. In China, this is very different: based on the interpretation of the CCP, which can be done at anytime and anywhere, the people from a population of 5.5 million (Macau), 3 million (Tibet), 7 million (Hong Kong), 22 million (East Turkestan) and 55.5 million (Taiwan) must succumb to its power and tolerate its autocracy and lies. The people who grew up under China’s dictatorship, including those who thought about rebelling against it and are subsequently tamed, support the regime that is dominated by one party, with or without knowing its fundamental faults (e.g. Chinese would detest, or condemn, Taiwan independence even though is entirely possible and legal according to established international laws and norms). This mentality is deeply rooted and cannot be easily changed after a few years of Western education, and Hong Kong is definitely not capable of educating them (all of China).

Therefore, the self-proclaimed “rational” Chinese intellects are able to forget about reality and dwell on “democracy”. They talk and talk about democracy with reasoned and sound arguments. However, whenever the discussion is brought back to China, their tone immediately changes and they say something along the lines of “you must not generalise (and apply Western democratic standards to China)”. I have met with many Chinese university students in campuses. They often do well academically and are smart, but their intelligence seems to only apply to studying and examinations. When I discussed the extinction of Shanghainese (language) with them – with my teeth grinding – they always frown and claim that the death of a language is a matter of natural selection and is completely normal. When I talk about (the Tiananmen Square massacre on) 4th June, Chinese students get that “I knew you were going to talk about that!” look and say, “we know what happened. But bygones are bygones, what matters is we all know.”

Local Hong Kong students can never have a reasonable debate with Chinese students, simply because their values are somehow twisted, fragile and incomplete. The most important reason is that their bottom line seems to shift without prior notice to suit their present purpose. In fact their minds struggle to keep up with their twists and turns: they cannot convince themselves why they should defend a country that they are so desperately trying to escape. Hence, when Chinese talk about China, as a Hongkonger, all you need to listen to are the things that follow the word “BUT”, the core message and what they truly believe in. Everything before the word “but” is something that they have been told is an example of the evil “Western” values that are being forced upon them – and is completely irrelevant to the discussion.

“China’s Communist Party is a totalitarian autocracy, I cannot not agree more, BUT we cannot deny the fact that it led the 1.3 billion people in China to greater wealth. They have achieved a lot and we must not be too harsh on them.” “After a tragic 150 years, China has finally managed to stand on its own two feet! This is the truth, isn’t it? I can understand that Chinese being told off by Hongkongers for spitting, urinating and defaecating everywhere, BUT there are 7 million people in Hong Kong! One of them must have let his child to do the same in public, right? Besides, not all Chinese are so inconsiderate. All China needs is time to improve. To look at this from a different perspective, perhaps there are not enough public toilets, or maybe it is all down to shopping malls and restaurants in Hong Kong refusing to allow children to use their bathrooms! ” In other words, they can “rationalise” or “legitimise” everything that happens by moving the goal posts to defend their countrymen’s sub-standard behaviour. Obviously, having been indoctrinated at the hands of the Party, they are all suffering Stockholm Syndrome. Hongkongers who choose to follow such twisted logic should be treated as harmful substances and be excreted from the system, the longer they cling onto Hong Kong, the more harm they cause.

Adaptation: A Clinical Diagnosis of a Patient Named Hong Kong

Name: Hong Kong

Sex: Female

Age: 173

Origin: Hong Kong, Sun On Province, Great Qing Empire

Current Address: People’s Republic of China’s colony – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Coordinates: 22.2670° N, 114.1880° E

Occupation: international financial centre and gatekeeper of China

Heritage: descendants of Southern Song Dynasty, New Territories villagers and survivor of Southern Qing Empire. Genetic traits are obvious.

Characteristics: because of the enlightenment of the advanced civilisation of Great Britain, it is known for its strength and intelligence.

Medical record: during childhood (19th century) it was quite strong, always fulfilled its duties faithfully, determined, hardworking and honest. When it became a teenager (post war golden era), it was smart and able, and a good communicator, its interpersonal relationships (with other economies) were strong and buoyant. The hidden problems could not be seen on the surface. However, after sovereignty was transferred, as it was poisoned by bad policies, its health started to take a downturn, its will grew weaker and weaker, and its qualities began to decline. Infected by China’s super-bug, Hong Kong suffers from a chronic illness. Ever since the super-bug infection was discovered, the patient has received a series of incomplete treatments, hence there have been periodic signs of recovery. Given the decades-long infection and poisoning though, the cure is extremely challenging.

Current diagnosis: Political apathy, ignorance of current affairs, extreme materialism, lack of a spiritual life, superstition, lack of long-term planning, focus on immediate interests, lack of intelligence, physical weakness, lassitude, depression and torpor.

Symptoms: lacking direction, dizziness, indigestion (due to long term force-feeding of toxic substances)

The patient has a head bigger than its body. It would make sense for the patient to be good at analysing problems. However, she could not give answers to a few common-sense questions. This shows that the patient is mentally challenged. This is because although her skull is big, there is nothing within. Therefore, she suffers from dizziness and headache whenever she hears about political discussions and international affairs. Her arms and legs are big because she has been doing too much heavy labour. There seems to be nothing in her stomach (“not a drop of ink in one’s stomach” is a common saying that refers to someone who does not read), and lots of stretch marks: this could be because of the luck she had during the war time when China was closed off from the entire world and when she gained a lot weight, followed by drastic weight loss after Hong Kong-China assimilation began a few years ago.


Mentally challenged individual who is ignorant of China’s colonisation

Cause: knowledge malnutrition

Early diagnosis: The patient is good in nature, and proper treatment given promptly and appropriately should restore her to health. If treatment is not given in time, it could cost her life.

Prescription: to tackle the root of the problems

Large dosage of formal political education

Large dosage of localism and racial identity recognition

Large dosage of precautionary local protectionism (xenophobia, as the world prefers to call it)

The above cocktail treatment to start immediately, the illness will be cured within ten years. Many other effective medications are not detailed here.

6th May, 2014

By 逆嘶亭


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  1. I think your blog must report about vietnam problem with China…its effected Hong Kong…which Hong Kong do alert not to travel there

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