Hongkongers are Forced to Loathe Chinese

Passion Times

13th April, 2014

Hongkongers are Forced to Loathe Chinese



I was one of those who believe that “we must tolerate (others’ difference)” when it comes to Chinese’ sub-standard behaviours.

Around 10 years ago, I was puzzled by the loathing some Hongkongers have over Chinese (for the sake of being politically correct, I am not using the term “Mainlander”), and thought, “there are impolite people everywhere in the world. It is because of the education level, so they are in fact the victims of the system. Why can’t Hongkongers tolerate them?”

To anyone with the slightest compassion would have pity for “developing countries”.

But gradually, I began to realise that the massive number of Chinese coming to Hong Kong are not the “disadvantaged” and they come (or sent) to Hong Kong as colonists. They are, in a nutshell, sent by coloniser (China) as part of the “united front” project who think that “we are your (Hongkongers) master, British running dogs! Hong Kong is ours and you are not allowed to have any sense of superiority!”

This so-called “sense of superiority” is a made up term created by China and Chinese. Hongkongers are naturally proud to be who they are, just like anyone who grew up in an international city. Chinese know that their country is a mess and do not feel proud of it, but at the same time they long to feel proud of it, hence they have developed a somewhat twisted feeling over China. Given the economic development, Chinese believe strongly that they are surpassing America and Britain. They have changed from being self-abased to self-important. However, they should not have taken their frustration on Hongkongers…

For the past 16 years (since the 1997 handover), because of the ever increasing number of of Chinese in Hong Kong:

–          Rich corrupted officials and businessmen speculate in Hong Kong, using Hong Kong, an international finance centre to launder their money and transfer it overseas. But at the same time, they threaten Hongkongers that Shanghai can easily replace Hong Kong.

–          People from tier 2 and 3 cities who are not very rich (the poor people live in the suburb areas and would not be able to afford coming to Hong Kong) rush to Hong Kong to give birth, occupy school spaces and claim social benefits. They believe that they have the right to take everything in Hong Kong because in their mind “Hong Kong belongs to China”.

–          The majority of Chinese tourists in Kong Kong are not here for pleasure. They are here to buy goods in Hong Kong so that they can resell in China at a much higher price (because of the guaranteed quality resulted from the relatively good systems Hong Kong has), pushing prices up to a ridiculous level, making Hongkongers to suffer from the shortage of daily necessities (not only formula power, but also food, OTC medicines, cleaning products, etc). However, Chinese would claim that “we are here to provide you a mean to make money”. China has abundant amount of natural resources, but its people destroy and pollute them all. The result is 1.3 billion people demand a city with a population of 6-7 million to fulfill their demand.

–          It is perfectly normal for Hongkongers to react when they see Chinese tourists defecate on streets or inside restaurants. Chinese would turn around and blame Hongkongers for “making a fuzz”, “overreact” or “discriminating against Chinese”. On top of these, they would legitimise such behaviours by saying “without China, all of you (Hongkongers) would have died.”

–          Not only the Legislative Council and government departments, Communists Party members have successfully penetrated into schools and unions. All policies made after the handover were aimed to destroy Hong Kong: after Chong Fung-yuen’s case, China began sending 150 Chinese to Hong Kong daily (we do not object the judgment the court of law gave, as we respect legal independence); in 2003 when SARS was brought to Hong Kong from China, China government used the excuse of Hong Kong’s economic situation to launch Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) – on the surface, the Scheme helped revive Hong Kong’s economy but the setbacks are substantial as Chinese can enter Hong Kong to do things mentioned above (smuggling goods, speculate properties, give birth, etc). However, the expenditure spent on Chinese, including social welfare, policies adjusted due to the influx of Chinese, tremendous pressure put on Hong Kong’s medical, education and transportation systems. All these are much larger than the so-called economic benefits brought by IVS. The HKSAR government also wanted to call for law interpretation by China government (which will set precedent for China to further interfere Hong Kong’s internal affairs which is safeguarded by Basic Law and Sino-British Joint Declaration)

Hongkongers gradually feel like their lives have been turned upside down – even wandering in one’s neighbourhood, one can still be run over by trolleys Chinese smugglers toll around town.

It gets worse. People always say that CCP does not represent China, and there are Chinese who are anti-communist. However, Chinese are brainwashed by the CCP for generations, and had no choice but to cooperate with the CCP. Recognising ourselves as Hongkongers, which is normal, would trigger Chinese’ rage!

“You are Chinese! This is Hong Kong, China. What do you mean by Hongkonger? Are you trying to highlight your sense of superiority?”

What is wrong for me to call myself Hongkonger? Would you call someone from Beijing (Peking) Shanghainese or Xichuan-nese? Why is being “Hongkonger” a sin to Chinese?

When Ang Lee thanked Taiwan (without mentioning China), Chinese scolded him and claimed that Taiwan is part of China. The civilians in China, who are seen as apolitical by the world who pity Chinese, have already been “united” by the CCP. Chinese who come to Hong Kong are de facto part of the CCP and the system, and they would “fix you (Hongkongers)” with the party’s way of thoughts.

Under such autocracy, how is it possible for Hongkongers not to loathe Chinese and refuse to be seen as one of them?

The more people (Chinese/China) force Hongkongers to recognise themselves as Chinese, the more Hongkongers will think about our true identity.

I used to have confusion about nationality, but now I can loudly and proudly say “I am a Hongkonger!”

The government pushes for Mandarin to be the medium of instruction and discourages Cantonese, our mother tongue, to be used at schools. (Cantonese has a much longer history than Mandarin by decades if not centuries). Chinese shops and pro-China shops us Simplified Chinese, instead of Traditional Chinese, our language, will further prohibit the use of our language.

Some said, “Hongkongers’ parents or grandparents are from China too. They have no ground to deny that they are our comrades!” However, we have repeatedly said, “Chinese who arrived Hong Kong during the refugee era (60s to 70s) are the ones who witnessed Cultural Revolution and wars. They knew what their country had been through and the downfall of their country, and decided to come to Hong Kong to start a new life. The emigration era (80s and 90s) is an extension of the refugee era. Chinese who fled to Hong Kong might not have had immediate life threat but they knew about the problems of their country. The fled to Hong Kong to make a living. It is the same in many parts of the world. However, the modern Hong Kong colonisation is a systemic programme which imports a large number of people with different cultural background to Hong Kong. It is the same as what the Communists did when it invaded Tibet – sending large number of Chinese to Tibet. Comparing to the Chinese who come to Hong Kong in the recent years, back in the old days Chinese immigrants would proactively learn Cantonese and Traditional Chinese and want to contribute to Hong Kong and treat Hong Kong as their home. Nowadays, Chinese immigrants complain about Hongkongers for not speaking Mandarin and hate Hongkongers. Of course we had to generalise, but it is a fact that China is colonising Hong Kong so we should stop keep digging for exceptions.”

Whenever natural disasters strike China, Hongkongers donate to help out of good heart, consciousness and compassion. However, the majority of Hongkongers’ money never got to the victims of the disasters. However, since Hong Kong is being invaded by China, the HKSAR government will not ask for Hongkongers’ consent before sending the donation for “disaster relief”. Donations out of good hearts become the perfect opportunity for benefit transfer. Anger is only an understatement to describe how Hongkongers feel about this fact.

In 1989, Hongkongers wanted to donate blood for the 4th June massacre victims. Communist China did not only condemn the students and protestors as riots and legitimised their killing, one of their officials Yuan Mu dared to say “not a single person died in 4th June.” All the blood donated by Hongkongers was poured down the drain when it reached China. Do people understand all these? People do not try to learn the history of “Cultural Revolution”. More importantly, Chinese nowadays do not think Hongkongers are Chinese! Chinese have not seen Hongkongers as their fellow countrymen: when benefits come with Hongkongers, they are Chinese; if there is no benefits tie with them, Hongkongers are just British running dogs. To Chinese, comrades are nothing more than inferior living organisms.

So, to the whole wide world, quit forcing Hongkongers to admit that we are Chinese.

By Lady Kylie


7 responses to “Hongkongers are Forced to Loathe Chinese

  1. Hi. The term “Hongkongers” bewilders me. I agree that the Mainland is attempting to ‘invade’ Hong Kong, but people from Hamilton or Mississippi don’t call themselves ‘Hamiltonese’ or ‘Mississippier’ (and that sound stupid). I know there are some states which want to secede from US, but can Hong Kong survive without the help from Mainland? Guess it’d be better if Hong Kong people say,”I’m a Chinese from Hong Kong.” before it becomes independent.

  2. The article perfectly tells us how brilliant people in Hong Kong should discriminate mainlanders, and the word, Chinese. “When benefits come from Hong Kong, they are Chinese, and if there is no benefits tied with them, they are British running dogs.” This sentence can be true and support the “hongkongers” when the fact is true.

  3. Can you change the word to ‘loathe’ = hate or dislike ? ‘Loath’ is an adjective meaning ‘unwilling’.

  4. You also used it as a noun whereas it should be loathing. For the noun you can also use hatred, animosity etc.

  5. Haha. Only in Australia where people from Melbourne are Melbournites and those from Sydney are Sydneyites. Those from Queensland are Banana-benders. And they do discriminate each other, but in a friendly way.

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