Farewell Candle Light Vigil in Victoria Park – Stop Pan-Democrats from Passing Fake-Universal Suffrage

Passion Times

8th April, 2014

Farewell Candle Light Vigil in Victoria Park – Stop Pan-Democrats from Passing Fake-Universal Suffrage



If the so-called pan-democrats pass their non-democratic universal suffrage, in 2017 there will be multiple China puppets for Hongkongers to vote for as the new Chief Executive – a China puppet that is endorsed by the votes cast by millions of Hongkongers.

A puppet “elected” by the people is far worse than a puppet elected by China. He could easily the decision to turn the entire Lantau Island and New Territories into major property development projects, claiming that it is democratic because he was elected by the people. He can also order all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to teach in Mandarin and Simplified Chinese (as opposed to Cantonese and Traditional Chinese which have been used in Hong Kong since it was established over a hundred years ago). He could also send riot police to beat up people who protest against the government. All of these would be legitimate because he was “elected” by the people under a fake universal suffrage.

All of these could be results delivered by the so-called pan-democrats who have monopolised the word “democracy” in Hong Kong for over 25 years: Because they are elected and given power by the people of Hong Kong, they can and will vote to support the non-democratic universal suffrage, yet claim that this “political reform” brings democracy to Hong Kong.

Hongkongers are discontented with the pan-democrats, and you can often hear Hongkongers commenting that they “have no idea what they are doing”. However, Hongkongers still do not want to kick them out of the legislature with their votes simply because they genuinely believe that they are not in the pro-China or pro-establishment camp. In order to minimise the power of the pro-China and pro-establishment camp, they naively think that “pan-democrats are a useful counter to power in the legislature which is dominated by the pro-China quislings”. Hongkongers, therefore, repeatedly wasted their valuable votes on these “pan-democrats” even though they know they do not have the best interest of Hong Kong in their hearts. When Hongkongers go to the 4/June candle light vigil, they pretend these pan-democrats on the stage shouting empty words about building a democratic China year after year.

Hongkongers do not understand that these instincts are all wrong. Even when the pan-democrats all vote to support the fake universal suffrage, alongside the pro-China camp, Hongkongers will still be in denial – as long as these pan-democrats keep on raising the flag up high and claiming to want to build a democratic China.

Comparing the pro-China camp and the power behind it (CCP) with pan-democrats, which group do you loathe more? Of course the instinctive answer is simple. However, this is an answer based on superficial observations that guarantee one’s peace of mind. The Communist Party no doubt deserves people’s hatred more than the pan-democrats that have sold out to the Party (the United Front). However, the first group of people that we need to bring down is the pseudo-democrats (the so-called pan-democrats in Hong Kong) – this is our moral responsibility.

That Hongkongers cannot now beat the Communist Party is a result caused by our previous generations. The collective wrong was built by our ancestors and will take us a while to correct.

However, the deterioration of the pan-democrats in Hong Kong is the collective karma resulting from our generation which witnessed the 4/June massacre. Our generation and the younger generations have the responsibility to redeem ourselves.

If we do not redeem ourselves, future generations will have to suffer the consequences and not enjoy the freedoms and democracy that they deserve. In fact, the sins we are guilty of will become unforgivable.

Why would youngsters like Joseph Wong Chi-fung (scholarism) side with the so-called pan-democrats, yet try to persuade the pan-democrats to stand their ground on political reform? This is simply because our generation has already sinned and wasted their precious youth. The next generation should not have to choose between pro-China camp and the pseudo-democrats! If our generation does not stand up to correct our wrongs, we will be guilty of destroying our homeland, Hong Kong. And our next generation will be left with two options: the ever-strong Communist Party and Pro-China quislings, or the pseudo-democrats which we, by not de-bunking, have endorsed and recommended to them.

Our generation has the responsibility to strip from pan-democrats the halo which they have been holding up high for decades (by claiming to support democracy with no real action). We were wrong. We picked a witch doctor to heal Hong Kong in the first place. Sacking the witch doctor does not mean that Hong Kong will be healed, but if we allow the witch doctor to continue to mess with Hong Kong – which is growing sicker every day -we will most certainly lose everything.

What is the first step to strip off this halo which the pseudo-democrats have been wearing for all these decades? The answer is simple: bid goodbye to the 4/June candle-lit vigil at Victoria Park.

Over the past two decades, the candles in Victoria Park have not shone on reality. The people gathered in the football pitches have been commemorating the event, but the pan-democrats on stage are celebrating the anniversaries of the pan-democrats’ monopolising Hong Kong’s democracy agenda. Millions of candles have been burned in all these years. Hongkongers have been investing their trust and money over and over again in the so-called democrats to strengthen their moral foundation. But where is the end to all the empty words the pan-democrats utter?

If you wish to commemorate 4/June, where else could you go besides Victoria Park? Remember, this is a collective sin to which we all contributed, and we have to redeem ourselves. This is not a question for those who genuinely want to change the “democracy monopoly” in Hong Kong. You can always find the space and location to do so.

If you think that you go to Victoria Park to commemorate 4/June but do not support the pan-democrats on stage, think again. Although you do not support them, they are only on stage because you are attending their event. If you think that they are not good people yet still stand there watching them on stage, you are still endorsing them.

The pan-democrats in Hong Kong have no bargaining chips left besides 4/June. They do not support a truly democratic election/universal suffrage. However, many still see them as supporters of democracy simply because they have monopolised the 4/June vigil. We have to stand firm and refuse to participate their show – if they do not reflect on themselves, their party will fall.

If you insist on saying that you attend the vigil to commemorate 4/June and do not support pan-democrats. Here is an analogy for you: your changing channel to TVB does not mean you support TVB. Really?, that is why the viewership of TVB continues to dominate the market.

This is not a habit, nor selfishness, but foolishness. This is the Evil of Banality.

You had a choice – you could go to the Cultural Centre to commemorate 4/June and create history yourself by becoming one of the Hongkongers who genuinely support democracy without a “leader”. Yet, you choose to deny this option that is in hand and refuse to open your ears.

You refuse to open your ears because a newly blooming ideology cannot seem to disconnect you from the habit you have had for 25 years. Pan-democrats combined with the Victoria Park vigil seem to represent democracy in Hong Kong. Here is a true story for you: a husband who just lost his wife is surrounded by his friends, but his friends very quickly realise something is wrong: he is playing with his little hamster whilst laughing about his late wife, and does not seem sad at all, let alone show any respect for his late wife. Every time his friends mention his wife, he plays with the hamster as if it was very funny and that his wife is still alive. However, his friends did not know that the hamster was a gift from his late wife. This is how Slavoj Zizek describes a fetish. It is normal for one to think of another individual when one sees a particular object. However, in the eyes of this husband, the hamster has become his wife, which also stops him from facing the reality that his wife has passed away. In the end, it stops him from expressing his true emotions. A week later, the hamster died. The husband was devastated and attempted suicide. It could be a positive thing for human beings to divert their emotions to another object when trauma strikes, but to fetishise something could eventually drag one to a deeper and darker end.

A political party stops the people from facing reality by diverting their focus to a single event, whilst people cannot choose to attend another event that is meant for commemorating the same incident. By focusing all the energy on one single event, positioning a candle light vigil as the only channel to express people’s emotions, people will fetishise the event and eventually be controlled by the event.

Although a life without this hamster would be difficult, the husband could regain his life at the end. Will you bid goodbye to the Victoria Park vigil and take back your freedom which will in the end stop the pan-democrats from voting to support a fake universal suffrage? Or would you prefer to indulge yourself in an annual emotional crutch and deal with the fact that universal suffrage will never ever come?


Editor’s Note:

The term “pan-democrats” in this article refers to the Democratic Party and a number of veteran democrats in Hong Kong, who are seen as monopolising the “democratic movement” in Hong Kong by putting China’s democracy first and believe that without democracy in China, Hong Kong will never be truly democratic – in other words, they are described as “pseudo-democrats” who claim to support democracy but at the same time succumb to Communist Party and China’s autocracy.


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