Chinese Students Make Up Over 70% of HK Graduate School Programmes

The House News

3rd April, 2014

Chinese Students Make Up Over 70% of HK Graduate School Programmes


In his election platform, CY Leung said that he aimed at providing more graduate school opportunities to the younger generation. However, in the response provided by the Education Bureau to the Legislative Council, the percentage of local students studying the government funded graduate school programmes has been declining and reached its five-year low. In the 2013/2014 academic year, around 70% graudate school students are Chinese. With only 1551 Hongkongers studying in graduate school programme, the percentage of Hongkongers currently receiving graduate school education is just about 20%, representing a 13% decrease in the number of Hong Kong students from four years ago.

The proportion of Chinese students studying in Hong Kong graduate schools programmes, however, reached five-year high: and up by 8% from four years ago to 68% (a total of 4765 students). Students from other parts of the world also went up to around 10%.

Education Bureau also said that Chinese students make up over 90% of some of the graduate school programmes, including HKUST’s sociology programme, CUHK’s business and management programme and Lingnan’s business and management programme.

A total of 11,000 Chinese students are currently studying the public funded programmes offered by the nine universities and colleges in Hong Kong, including undergraduate degree and graduate school teaching and research programmes, representing a 3.8% increase compared to last academic year, the highest in the last three years.



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