The Bait to Lure HK Pan-Democrats

Apple Daily

1st April, 2014

The Bait to Lure HK Pan-Democrats


After China government announced the “Shanghai trip”, pan-democrats have been arguing about whether or not to participate (a trip that is described as for discussing Hong Kong’s political reform). They seem to focus only how much time the CCP government would spend with them on discussing on the reform, and if the CCP will be allocating time to meet with the pan-democrats alone – as if the trip is an honour bestowed on them by the emperor.

However, not a single pan-democrats have asked: It is Hong Kong’s political reform, what does it have to do with Shanghai and why is the discussion held in Shanghai? Shouldn’t Wang Guangya and Li Fei come to Hong Kong to discuss with the Hong Kong lawmakers? According to Basic Law, electoral reform on Hong Kong Chief Executive and Legislative Council should be handled and initiated by Hong Kong, China government merely plays a role in the final appointment or a party that is to be informed about the progress. National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) refused to honour Basic Law and made China government the party that initiates the reform. To defend Basic Law, the discussion about political and electoral reforms should not be held outside of Hong Kong.

Every time when Hong Kong’s political reform is due to discussion, China government makes all lawmakers in Hong Kong to have the discussion in China. This is a trick that indirectly recognises CCP’s leading role in Hong Kong’s political reform, and denies Hongkongers’ rights to lead such reform. Perhaps not issuing China Travel Card to the pan-democrats is an important “bait” that CCP keeps in their hands to lure the pan-democrats to succumb to them.

By Lee Yee

Editor’s Note:

China Travel Card is a travel document that Hongkonger are required to present should he wishes to visit China. However, a number of pan-democrats have had their CTD taken away by the CCP with no reasons given.


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