Two China Made Coaches Wasted CUHK USD0.9m

Apple Daily

8th March, 2014

Two China Made Coaches Wasted CUHK USD0.9m

耗700萬購買 落地兩日兩故障 中大停用國產校巴

Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) purchased two China made coaches recently, and one of them was malfunction on two consecutive days. It could not start at the bus station on Wednesday night (5/Mar), and broke down in the middle of the journey two nights ago (6/Mar). According to some CUHK students said, although the drive managed to restart the coach, it was running at an extremely low speed, which is no faster than walking. CUHK has confirmed that the two coaches are not in service at the moment and awaiting for supplier’s check-up.

CUHK purchased two coaches from Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Motors with USD900,000, of which the government subsidised around US$600,000. The coaches began service on 5th March to transport students and staff within the campus. Malfunctions on one coach had been reported on two consecutive days. Around 11pm on the second day of its operation (6th March), as it went towards Run Run Shaw Science Building with around 60 passengers, the coach broke down. The driver eventually managed to restart the coach after multiple attempts. Students who were on the coach said that after it was restarted, it could only run very slowly.

On the first day of operation (5th March), the same coach could not be started after stopping at one of the stops. All passengers had to get off the coach and it took the driver over twenty minutes to restart the coach. CUHK defended that the malfunction was caused by someone who dashed into the road which triggered the coach’s automatic safety system to engage. The university also issued a press release to clarify the incident.

The student union of CUHK has written a letter to urge the university to share the test results of the newly purchased coaches.

Eric Cheng Ka-wai, professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said that electric cars normally start faster than diesel cars. However, when it comes to going up slopes, electric cars consume multiple times more electricity than when driving on a flat surface. If an electric vehicle stops in the middle of a journey, it is likely to be caused by overheat or insufficient electricity.


2 responses to “Two China Made Coaches Wasted CUHK USD0.9m

  1. In principle, electric vehicles are good for the environment. But if they are not good at handling steep slopes, then they are obviously unsuitable for the CUHK campus which is on a hillside.

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