Sinopec’s Chairman Fu Chengyu: Advanced Democracy will Emerge in China, Western Democracy is Substandard

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5th March, 2014

Sinopec’s Chairman Fu Chengyu: Advanced Democracy will Emerge in China, Western Democracy is Substandard


Fu Chengyu, Sinopec Chairman

During the “Two Meetings” (or “Lianghui”, which stands for the annual meetings of the National People’s Congress and China People’s Political Consultative Conference) period, the rich and powerful are all gathering in Peking. Some of them who are desperate to show their loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party have made some “profound” remarks which took Hong Kongers’ breath away.

During an interview with China Business Journal on 4th March, Fu Chengyu, Chairman of Sinopec and a Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group, commented that China’s leaders are “elected through an election with different levels” which means it “connects to the ground level” – i.e. China’s “election” reflects the public sentiment of the grass roots. Fu then added a nationalistic comment which belittle the Western democracy, and praise China’s election system is “advanced democracy”.

However, the fact is China’s “election” is strictly controlled by the Communist Party. Even the pro-China newspaper Hong Kong Commercial Daily also criticised Fu’s comment, “Under the current bleak situation in China, there is no need to label whose democracy is advanced, and whose substandard. Even the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China and shocking comment and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences would not dare to make such comment.”


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