Chinese Angry over Canada Canceling Immigrant Investor Programme

Passion Times

5th March, 2014

Chinese Angry over Canada Canceling Immigrant Investor Programme

加國取消投資移民 引發中國人索償

The Canadian government tightened its immigration policy last month and cancelled its immigrant investor programme. Over 70,000 immigrant investor programme applications around the world were terminated, 90% out of these applications are from PRC Chinese. On 4th March, ten individuals who applied to emigrate to Canada via the programme held a press conference in Peking, expressing their discontent over the Canadian government’s new policy. They also demanded the Canadian government not to terminate the applications filed by Chinese simply because the programme has been cancelled. These individuals also said at the press conference that they are planning to discuss with their lawyers to seek compensation from the Canadian government for the time and effort they have spent on the application.

According to the BBC Chinese language website, a woman amongst the ten individuals, said at the press conference that her confidence in Canada being a country with well-established legal system, good environment and benefits, and “a trustworthy country” is being shattered. She also said that she originally planned to apply to emigrate to other countries, including the US. She added that, “applying to emigrate to Canada is the worst decision I have made in my life”.

The Canadian government said that after the immigrant investor programme is cancelled, it will push forward “Immigrants Investor Venture Capital Fund pilot project” and “Business Skills Pilot Program”. Applications via these two programmes will cost more, and they both require applicants to have experience in operating businesses. These pilot programmes will begin to accept application in a few months time.

Editor’s Note:
Although this is not related to Hong Kong directly, the editors think that given the immigration policy in Hong Kong (HK does not have a say when it comes to Chinese emigrating to Hong Kong whilst HK has full control over immigrants from other countries) this highlights the problem of Hong Kong’s immigration policy and the government’s lack of intention to make a change.


3 responses to “Chinese Angry over Canada Canceling Immigrant Investor Programme

  1. Its true that it is very frustrating that the government has stopped the program, bu there are other options to immigrate to Canada. For example, you can come as a skilled worker. You can open up a branch of your company in Canada and transfer as an inter-company transferee. You can also try to get a job offer through sites like linkedin,,,, among others. With a job offer many immigration avenues open up.

  2. My family and me want to immigrate to Canada. I need to find a job in Canada before we move there so that I can make it. What is the best way to start the process of looking for work?

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