When Number of Protestors Means Nothing At All

Passion Times

27th February, 2014

When Number of Protestors Means Nothing At All


It has been over 20 years for the people of Hong Kong to commemorate the 4th June, will there be 100,000 or 500,000 people at the candle light vigil this year? I used to focus on the number of protestors, but now it seems that the number means nothing at all. At the end of the day, the same candle light vigil will be held next year, the CCP will never admit their fault twenty some years ago. Our vigil, our tears will only be heard inside Victoria Park, CCP will continue to ignore the voice of the people.

1st July march, anti-Article 23 march, march for universal suffrage, and so on, Hong Kongers have been participating on these march every year. Yet, every year, the march goes on – it has been almost 17 years since Hong Kong was handed over to China. Hundreds of thousands of protestors take it to the street every year, and the day after the protests, life goes on – all return to their work station and carry on with their cattle lives. Different newspapers will have a different number for each protest, which one is more reliable? Three days after each protest, no one would remember what had happened three days ago. What does the number of protestors mean? The result remains the same no matter how many people take part. The system remains the same, improvement of the livelihood of the people of Hong Kong never happens. The voice of the people is never heard!

Do people still remember how many students participated in the hunger strike at the anti-national education protest? Whenever there is an issue, “someone” will come out to ask for donation – yet no one has reported to the public about where the money has gone to. Discussion sessions about Occupy Central have been held multiple times – no conclusion has been achieved, no action has been taken.

Recently, around 60 people brought along their suitcases to protest against the Individual Visit Scheme in Mong Kok, whilst 6,000 people participated in a demonstration at Chater Garden protesting for press freedom. The result is: the impact brought by the 6,000 peacefully assembled and peacefully dismissed individuals was outshined by the 60 outspoken people who took action in Mong Kok. This shows that number does not matter, but the way people protest.

2014 is a year where protest should not be about the number of participants. No matter how many time Hong Konger protest peacefully (meaning dismiss at the end even though their demand is not fulfilled), nothing is ever going to change – it has been over 20 years after all. Even if every single Hong Konger join one peaceful march, nothing will be changed. Those in power do not care. We have to admit that we have always been seen as idiots by the authority. We have to admit that we have been focusing on the number of protestors instead of the results in the past decades. The recent “creative” protests are derived from the suppression and frustration over the years hit the bull eye of CCP. Our have to leave our naivety behind and be strong and front our enemy head to head.


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