Leung Mo-han: “Maybe I was a Reason for Lau’s Brutal Attack!”

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27th February,2014

Leung Mo-han: “Maybe I was a Reason for Lau’s Brutal Attack!”


Kevin Lau Chun-to was attacked by two men wearing motorcycle helmets, and was stabbed and slashed six times. Media in Hong Kong as well as the world was shocked and issued statements to condemn such attack.

Everyone wants to find out the truth and the culprit of this attack, and Ming Pao has already offered a USD130,000 reward. Chief Executive and Secretary for Security have asked the Police Department to investigate the case with no efforts spared.

It is very difficult to find out the reasons behind this attack – in fact, it is almost an impossible mission. However, there are traces that we have found.

Leung Mo-han, a former underground Communist Party member in Hong Kong, said in her analysis yesterday that Lau’s attack could be related to his leadership in Ming Pao’s involvement in ICIJ’s Offshore Leaks investigation when he was the editor in chief at the paper. She hinted in her article that because the investigation exposed that many senior China government officials set up offshore companies for tax evasion and money laundering via their relatives, Lau has to pay.

Over a phone interview, Leung said, “When I heard about this attack, I was upset and angry, and I couldn’t help but sob. I only managed to fall asleep after I learnt that Lau’s operation went well. I could not sleep because I feel responsible for this. As soon as the attack happened, I began to think what could have been the reason. I came to a conclusion that it could only be related to the ICIJ report. Before I wrote the article (“A Logical Deduction” is Leung’s analysis of Lau being removed from his role at Ming Pao, published on 27/Jan/2014), I wondered if it would affect Lau. I consulted some of my friends, but the conclusion was that hiding is the worst tactic when one is dealing with the CCP. Now I cannot stop thinking if the attack was caused by my article. Maybe I was a reason for Lau’s brutal attack!”

In “A Logical Deduction”, Leung analysed if Lau’s transfer at Ming Pao was related to the ICIJ’s Offshore Leaks investigation.

Although Leung does not have concrete evidence, she emphasised that based on the fact that the China investigation team had to pull out because of receiving threats from China government, it is only logical to think that the CCP knew about this investigation long ago. Based on logical deduction, she also thinks that Kevin Lau, who was the editor in chief when the ICIJ project was carrying out, had to be involved in the investigation personally. Tiong Hiew King, the boss of Ming Pao, only found out about Lau’s involvement in the ICIJ project afterward, and then Lau was “pushed”.

Leung continued that Ming Pao’s article on the ICIJ database caused huge impact to the society because it unveiled that close relatives of senior government officials in China hold secretive assets, “you expose them, and they will come find you!” Hence, she believes that that article in Ming Pao is the key reason for Lau to be “transferred”, “one would have thought this is safe, but at the end (Lau) suffered from such tragic attack. After going through all the recent Ming Pao articles, that is the only possible piece that could cause such serious consequence.”

If what Leung said is true, Lau had already been transferred (demoted), why hasn’t the file been closed? Why is it necessary to have such brutal attack?

Leung explained that this is the nature of CCP, “do you remember how did Lam Bun die during the 1967 communist led riot? The CCP will make their enemies lose their job, but they do not stop there! They think losing job is too light a punishment. They want to threaten the media and everyone else.”

However, the fact is there is no evidence. Leung said, “you can see a lot of traces.”

Leung said that CCP’s policies change all the time – they “adjust” as time goes by. She also stressed that CPP do not necessarily have to keep their “promises”. Leung published another article this month entitled “Do not be tempted by ‘promises’”, which says that “CCP never honours its promises because they believe in ‘policy and strategy are the only lifelines of CCP’. To CCP, promise is only a moral standard that applies to rule of law societies (which does not include China).” Leung also stressed in her article that CCP does not respect promises, and they only value policies and strategies by citing how CCP treated KMT during the war with Japan. “In the past year, Hong Kong citizens can finally have the first-hand experience of the horrifying fact that CCP’s policies and strategies get ‘adjusted’ so rapidly all the time.”

Leung said that the Chief Executive’s job is to reconstruct Hong Kong according to CCP’s plan, hence Hong Kong is on the edge of the cliff, yet more suppression will be arriving in no time, “the only hope is to have a large number of Hong Kong people wake up to face the reality and understand the challenges we face, including the rich and influential – a large number of liberated individuals is the only hope we have now.”


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