Press Freedom in HK Goes Downhill – Every Day

Press Freedom in HK Goes Downhill – Every Day

26th February, 2014

In light of Kevin Lau’s attack today (26/Feb), netizens in Hong Kong have been flooding the social media with incidents that happened throughout the years about attacks that target at the outspoken media. Below is the most comprehensive list so far. Worth noting that only two of these cases have been solved – some said that none of them has been solved, information not confirmed. The number of incidents increase significantly after the 1997, as evidence shown, and many suspect that China and CCP are behind some, if not all, of these attacks.

Blood of Hong Kong Media that Has Been Sheed:

25th August, 1967: Commercial Radio’s host Lam Ben burnt to death (reference article) – happened during the pro-Communist riot in Hong Kong

18th November, 1993: Molotov cocktail was thrown into the garden of Apple Daily’s founder, Jimmy Lai

June 1995: The first issue of Apple Daily was thrown the sea when being transported to Macau

14th May, 1996: Leung Tin-wai, founder of 凸周刊 (a weekly, already closed down), was attacked by people with knife at his office

14th May, 1998: Albert Cheng King-hon was attacked on his way to work outside RTHK

20th August, 1998: a journalist at Apple Daily was attacked, windows of his car was smashed

8th August, 2012: InMedia’s office was vandalised, computers were smashed

4th June, 2013: Chen Ping, founder of iSun Affairs, was attacked in the middle of the street

20th June, 2013: gate of the home of Jimmy Lai, founder of Apple Daily, was crashed by car (the vehicle was later found abandoned nearby his house)

June – July 2013: various cases of arson targeting Apple Daily

31st July, 2013: Shih Wing-ching, owner of AM730, was stopped in the middle of the road and windshield was smashed by hammer

7th September, 2013: Shum Tak-keung, owner of Diligent Duck, which is the distributor of Apple Daily, was attacked with knife

26th February, 2014: Kevin Lau Chun-to, former editor in chief of Ming Pao, was attacked in broad daylight


5 responses to “Press Freedom in HK Goes Downhill – Every Day

  1. that’s not even a bad joke – I’m disgusted. I told people there will be ‘serial suicides’ but now people against HK’s freedom don’t even try to cover it and attack people. I’m ashamed – in my country there’s no word about it! >.<

  2. This is horrible and outrageous. We knew there is this evil power behind, but what it is trying to show us now is that it doesn’t only want to control in the dark anymore. And more ironically is that many people still consider this violence as nothing threatening to individuals in terms of our freedom of speech!
    I was just reading the other article which the writer says “我們的香港本是嬉皮笑臉、萬事無所謂的,看你們這些統治者把香港變成了什麼!”
    Somehow in my point of view this is exactly why we are so lost and scared of what to do for defense because everyone is 嬉皮笑臉、萬事無所謂, not giving a sh** when it’s not related to money. This is sad.

    • The real trouble is, despite the public concern, the attacker(s) and those behind this attack are not yet arrested.
      Some said that this attack had nothing to do with press freedom.
      The even more worrying fact is that this news will no longer be important to the people of Hong Kong – Hong Kongers are too forgetful as we are all too busy trying to make a living (or make our ends meet) – very sad.

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