Breaking News: Kevin Lau, Ex Editor in Chief, Attacked in Broad Daylight

Now TV

26th February, 2014 (19:36)

Latest Update – Kevin Lau, Ex-Editor in Chief of Ming Pao, Attacked in Broad Daylight

Kevin Lau Chun-to was rushed to the Eastern Hospital shortly after the attack this morning (10:20am HK time). He suffers from large amount of blood loss. The hospital explained his injury: two out of the six visible wounds are located on Lau’s back, two on his left leg and two on his right leg. One of the wounds on his back is as long as 16cm, which cut through all of his back muscle horizontally. Two of the wounds on his legs are over 15 cm long and very deep.

Lau has received operation immediately after he’s admitted. The hospital cannot confirm yet whether his movement will be affected in the future.

Editor’s Note:

According to other sources, the attack is not purely “sending a warning message” due to the location of the wounds – two of the wounds are at the back of Lau’s knees, a signature triad attack symbol that aims at disabling the victim permanently.


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