It’s a Bloodshed – but HK’s “Left-Wingers” Disagree

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21st February, 2014

It’s a Bloodshed – but HK’s “Left-Wingers” Disagree


During the Ukraine anti-government protest, the government shot and killed protestors. Photographic journalists captured the devastation as if it was a civil war. A commentator from Chinese University ( said in a commentary that Hong Kong idiots should not “encourage” (violence) nor share the feelings of the protestors in Ukraine. He also said that Hong Kong protestors should not be so naïve to believe that it is all for justice and democracy because it is a battle between two superpowers, Russia and America. Wong further analysed that the leaders of the anti-government protest are from a xenophobic fascist organisation, and the protestors in Maidan wear professional gear (the basic shields?) and they have received “half military trainings”, so they are an armed force but not ordinary civilians… In summary, Wong said that it was “a small group of people who did not understand the truth but are being misled and used by America” to overthrow the pro-Russia government. Such analysis sounds awfully similar to how the CCP and pro-Communist people describe the 4th June 1989 massacre. Susanna Cheung Chui-yung, a war zone journalist, shared similar views in her analysis.

The Ukrainians who were shot by snipers are nobody in their so-called left-wing political analyses. To them, the brave Ukrainians dare to fight for what they believe in because they are backed by America, whilst the passionate Hong Kongers who protest under the legitimised suppressions are simply idiots!

However, when people talk about the 4th June massacre, these so-called left-wingers always take the most global prospective and repeatedly say that CIA had been stirring the pot and planned everything behind the scene, how America supplied all sorts of weapons, etc – in a nutshell, it was America that wanted to overthrow the CCP in order to split China up. Until today, my father still believes in this. In the views of this type of people with such “global vision”, including students (from Chinese University), 4th June was merely a coup d’etat that was controlled by the American, and the students were prawns on the chessboard – it does not reward all the attention over the twenty something years. Hong Kongers have been commemorating the 4th June topic for over twenty years, but all these passions are, in the eyes of these left-wingers, are worthless conspiracy planned by the American. What a theory!

During the bloodshed in Ukraine, protestors use wood shields and Molotov bombs to battle against the government’s army that is equipped with tanks and snipers, is a situation very similar to the “egg and hard, high wall theory” these so-called left-wingers quote every other day. However, by focusing on the fact that the Ukrainian protestors used Molotov bombs to fight against the government and accusing the protestors for being backed by America, in these left-wingers’ eyes, the protestors are the running dogs of America and deserve to be shot dead. By labelling the protestors as xenophobic fascists, they can justify everything the Ukraine government did to its people? However, when these so-called left-wingers saw the video of a Ukrainian protestor playing Imagine in front of the police, they went almost hysterical and lectured the people of Hong Kong what protest should be like: peaceful, rational, non-violence.

It is easy and safe for these so-called left-wingers to criticise and defame the movement, after all, Ukraine is very far away from Hong Kong, and it was the Ukrainians’ blood being spilled. Is it true, just like they believe, that the majority of the world does not know the truth about this bloodshed? Even if America wanted a different Ukraine government, does that mean the protestors have no knowledge of what is happening under their noses? By the same logic, in these left-wingers’ eyes, the 4th June candle light vigil over the past twenty something years, orgainsed by HK Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China as if it was a carnival, can only be some sort of “despite stirring up troubles, it is still an idiotic event in nature”. However, they never criticise the 4th June vigil, simply because their donation boxes need to be filled up.

The educated left-wing activists in Hong Kong always focus all discussions on the right and wrong nature of a single event. The protest in Ukraine at which civilians are killed falls exactly in this category, but instead of condemning the army that killed civilians, they came out to criticise the protestors. Their “universal values” seem to only apply on condemning Hong Kongers whenever Chinese are involved: they use “universal values” to condemn the Hong Kong protestors for protesting against China’s colonisation, the problems caused by anchor babies, social tension and livelihood impacts caused by Chinese tourists, etc. In the analysis by Wong, the war zone journalist, she claimed that the whole Ukraine situation was a conspiracy planned by the US and EU, and that the movement was hijacked by a group of xenophobic fascists… Her type of “global vision” is commonly seen in Tai Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po (both pro-China and CCP newspapers available in Hong Kong) and China’s magazines on military and political issues.

All of these protestors in Ukraine are brave individuals. Even though some of them fell down during the movement, no one has the right to give sarcastic ridicule as if he/she is the only one that knows the “whole truth”. Although these protestors died, they died as warriors for freedoms. Ever individuals at the Square is a human being, their blood is the same as ours, regardless if they are backed by or pro-America or Russia.

All these are common sense. However, the so-called left-wingers in Hong Kong seem to lack common sense and compassion. Just like when the parents in Hong Kong cannot find formula powder for their infants, the left-wingers tell you that the mothers should breast feed their babies and that it’s all about determination. They simply come across, time and time again, heartless, biased and self-centered.

International affairs are battles and conspiracies between big nations. We all understand this fact. Some, however, seem to believe they know it all better than the rest of the world and desperately want to show off and lecture the rest for being naïve because they failed to see how America is behind everything in the world. They look down on others, or perhaps they simply think too much of themselves. On every single international affair topic, they only have their hearts on anti-America and casually forget the living human beings involved in all these matters.

To them, even genocide is justifiable in the name of fighting against the evil American power. These so-called left-wingers will soon begin to follow China and its mouthpiece to start chanting about “stop interfering another other nation’s internal affairs” (a sentence China government uses all the time). In the name of “anti-America”, those who are not in power write heartless and inhuman commentaries and “theories”; those who are in power veto UN Syria sanctions: because “if the UN interferes Syria’s situation, America will have control over Syria and it is a must to stop that from happening, just left them fight and let the women and children there suffer”.

In the name of anti-America, the pseudo left-wingers in Hong Kong can do absolutely everything: right and wrong, and “egg and high, hard wall” theories are empty words.

By Lewis Loud


3 responses to “It’s a Bloodshed – but HK’s “Left-Wingers” Disagree

  1. I really don’t see what America has to do with this. The Ukrainians who died, died under the flag of the European Union, not that of the USA!

    • Please understand that the majority of the Hong Kongers feel for the Ukrainians.
      This article is to highlight how ridiculous the so-called “left-wingers” in HK are.
      However, they are by no means represent the people of Hong Kong.
      Hong Kong people rejoiced the Ukrainians’ success and bravery – we, in fact, envy Ukrainians’ determination and willingness to sacrifice their lives for the greater good. We admire Ukrainian.
      The Real Hong Kong News

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