China Manufactured Isolators Cause East Rail’s Malfunctions

Passion Times

20th February, 2014

China Manufactured Isolators Cause East Rail’s Malfunctions

東鐵絕緣體製造商 外判大陸廠

Recently, Hong Kong MTR has seen a number of cable malfunction cases which are all related to the isolators. MTR repeatedly refused to disclose the manufacturing origin of the isolators used on their trains but stressed that they are from a well known European brand which the company has been using since 1990. However, according to Apple Daily report today (the story was broken by a netizen and activist who investigated the issue) that, the supplier of MTR’s isolators is Morris Line Engineering (MLE) which has an agreement with a Chinese manufacturer to produce its isolators for the Chinese market in order to satisfy the growing demand for isolators in China. Based on this information, Hong Kong being regarded as part of the “Chinese market” by MLE, the isolators supplied to MTR are very likely to be produced by a licensed Chinese factory.

It seems that the HKSAR government does not wish to investigate the frequent malfunction cases of MTR trains. Anthony Cheung Bing-leung, Secretary for Transport and Housing, said on 19th February that the malfunction was merely a problem of the system, and verbally promised to ask MTR to investigate its operation and maintenance systems. Perhaps the people of Hong Kong should prepare themselves for more MTR malfunctions cases.

According to MLE’s website, the company was founded in 1976 and focuses on designing and manufacturing high voltage isolators and switches. MLE is a leader of the industry, with millions of pound sterling of revenue every year. The company’s major clients are located in England and Ireland, but it also exports to Middle East, Far East and Africa.

Reference – international brands experiencing problems with China manufactured products:
Aston Martin (2014)
Toys recall (2007)


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