Hong Kong Citizens Protest Against Re-Colonisation, HK Traitors Aid and Abet Colonisers

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17th February, 2014

Hong Kong Citizens Protest Against Re-Colonisation, HK Traitors Aid and Abet Coloniser


Hong Kong localists organised a protest in Tsim Sha Tsui targeting the influx of Chinese Individual Travel Scheme (ITS) tourists. This was a battle initiated by the people due to the conflicts between two different classes: the proletarius class that can benefits nothing from ITS vs people who benefit from capitalism in Hong Kong and China and their political and economically representatives.

Shi Junlong, who was convicted murder in Hong Kong and became Hong Kong permanent resident, was at the pro-China camp calling Hong Kongers as British running dogs and told them to leave Hong Kong and run for Britain and the US. Shi is a vanguard of the Chinese coloniser in Hong Kong with a political mission. He defends the ITS, which is a tactic of ethnic cleansing that involves no bloodshed. Gregory So Kam-leung (Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development) commented on the protest in line with Shi’s attitude that “tourists contributes tremendously to Hong Kong’s economic development, and the citizens of Hong Kong should honour them with recognition”. So also said that Hong Kongers should welcome tourists with open arms to make them “feel like home”. Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok, on the other hand, said “the police takes the incident seriously and regrets (the happening of the protest), (and I) reprimand the relevant individuals”. Raymond Tam Chi-yuen, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, pulled out the “universal values” and said that the protest shocked him and he described the protest as barbaric and uncivilised which violates the mainstream values in Hong Kong. The protestors disturb tourists? What about the disturbance the ITS tourists cause to the people of Hong Kong? Isn’t that fair, a universal value, for both parties to disturb each other?

Shi Junlong, convicted for murder in HK and now a permanent resident of HK, shouted at protestors: (If you wish to be) a running dog for Britain, go to UK and US, and get out of Hong Kong.

These high-paid officials are the representatives of exploitation in Hong Kong. ITS benefits landlords, tycoons and Chinese officials, but prices are paid by the people of Hong Kong, those who do not benefit from the scheme. HKSAR government officials speak the same language as Shi – class determines human nature. They are sided with the slave masters. In the eyes of the slave masters, Hong Kong slaves stand up and fight is “barbaric and uncivilised”.

Countless Individual Travel Scheme (ITS) Chinese tourists reveal their exploiters’ true colour: they do not reason, instead they label Hong Kongers as “traitors”, and say that “Hong Kong a plot of land of OUR China” with arrogance, and even cite a China propaganda and lie that “it was China that assisted Hong Kong during the 97 financial crisis”*. These people are not tourists visiting Hong Kong, but colonists coming to Hong Kong to inspect their colony with a strong sense of arrogance.

Greater China Reunification believers always say that Chinese are not Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, when it comes to exploiting Hong Kong, Chinese people and the CCP are united and work seamlessly together. When Hong Kongers stand up to protest, they immediately show their barbaric faces: there is no need for them to hide because they are here to exploit from left, right and centre, and they believe they are doing the right thing.

There are two different groups of people: the Hong Kong commies (and communist lapdogs) and Chinese government and people who benefit from the businesses and convenience brought by the ITS; and Hong Kong people who are forced to give up their quality of living, public space, economic diversity yet get nothing in return. Hong Kong SAR Communist government keep saying that they need to look into “improving Hong Kong’s capacity of accommodating more tourists”. Hong Kong people are not slaves politically, but also economically. Absentee middle-class are not those who suffer the most from the exploitation, so they could not care less: they betray Hong Kong for their own interests, and even rush out to help the colonisers to justify their barbaric invasion. The “left wingers” in Hong Kong, Orochi Ben Lam, for example, would rush out to accuse Hong Kongers for discriminating Chinese and claim that “lowering Hong Kongers’ quality of citizens would damage Hong Kong’s international image.”[4]

This accusation is mainly for window-dressing the nature of the exploiters, the powerful and rich and those who support them. Who’s quality has been lowered? Who’s international image is being tarnish? In other words, they see Hong Kong as a whore that can be ravaged as China pleases. For the sake of “tourism”, the livelihood, future and everything of the Hong Kongers can be sacrificed! According to Chinese University’s student union newsletter, people Shi Junlong should be tolerated and defended. Now that Shi and the like called Hong Kongers British running dogs, the “left wingers” have said nothing about them discriminate against Hong Kongers and the colonial history of Hong Kong.

Orochi Ben Lam repeatedly said that the people should direct their anger at the Hong Kong SAR government and China government. However, where are the governments hiding? Their proxies are those “billionaires” on Canton Road – Chinese tourists are in fact the proxies of the government and its policy in a tangible form. What should the people of Hong Kong do? Having a concert night (protests in Hong Kong has long been call protest-concert as it always end on the same night after singing a few songs even though nothing has been achieved) outside the government headquarter? Or should we raise money (Socialist Action has been spotted asking for donation at numerous protests without explaining how they’re going to use the money and how much they’ve raised)? Or should we have a reading club outside the government headquarter?

Those who make the public to direct its anger toward ITS tourists are the Hong Kong and China governments. ITS is a form of economic exploitation. The One-Way-Permit system that Hong Kong people have no control over is a form of eugenics. When one combines these two together, Hong Kong is no different from Tibet and East Turkmenistan. Lam and the like keep suggesting that the people of Hong Kong should focus their effort on the system, but it’s all empty words. What they are doing is in fact preventing the people from focusing on the tactics that could generate results (China government and media in China which are controlled by the government reacted immediately after the protest, which has never happened before, including the tens of millions people demonstration in recent years).

Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese and so-called educated commentators are in fact on the same side of the exploiters. The so-called left wingers are the same as the powerful and ruling class in Hong Kong. They raise the flag of citizen quality, international image, civialisation, peacefulness and rationality, but are blatantly defending the system and ruling power that exploit and have complete control over Hong Kong politically and economically. On the battle field about ITS, Lam is no different from Shi – they both defend the existing expeditionary system. They are the same as the Chinese tourists and the CCP.

By upholding a single absolute value and ignoring all other values and human nature is the essence of pseudo left-wingers and Greater China Reunification supporters. Who defines peacefulness and civilised manner that they repeatedly stress on? They claim to be helping the disadvantaged and poor, but in reality they are siding with the exploiters and the corrupted system. Their words are based on a value that does not have any ground, using ideal to analyse reality – in an orderly world, they are merely nerds. In a chaotic world where China is colonising Hong Kong, they nurture people like Shi Junlong, who was convicted murder and imprisoned in Hong Kong but received Hong Kong permanent residency. These organsiations and individuals aid and abet colonisers.

Editor’s Note:

* After the 1997 Asian financial crisis which started in Thailand, Hong Kong finally got hit in 1998. The 10-trading-day long battle between Hong Kong SAR’s Monetary Authority and George Soros where the HKMA utilised its massive reserve and spent HKD118.1 billion (around US$15.3 billion) to beat Soros’s “attack” and at the end the HKSAR government gained HKD38 billion (USD4.9 billion) from the battle. A short news clip with English subtitle is available here.


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